Mad Bull 34 Rescued from Obscurity. Expect DVD in 2013

Although a Best Bad Anime list does not exist (yet), Mad Bull 34 would easily top it. Known for being over the top in the sex and violence department, it was also a poorly translated, incoherent mess.

The main character, Sleepy to his friends, Mad Bull to everyone else, has no qualms about his ends-justify-the-means approach to law enforcement. He executes criminals for any reason. He rolls prostitutes for money. But he’s really a good person, he uses the money to fund battered Women shelters (how many women are in there because of Mad Bull is never mentioned, but err on lots). And that’s the stuff I can talk about while still remaining family friendly, and still make some sense.


This glorious train wreck of an anime has long been out of print in the United States. Its only release was a video tape release in 1996 by Manga Entertainment, then known as U.S. Manga Corps. This company ushered into prominence some classic anime titles, like Ghost in the Shell. Manga Entertainment wanted to make a DVD release of Mad Bull, but as of 2005, they lost the rights to it, threatening to leave this OVA buried in obscurity.


For good or bad, Discotek Media, a company that specializes in rescuing discarded cult, Japanese movies and anime from the nether regions of our psyche, recently acquired the rights to Mad Bull 34 and are planning on releasing it in 2013.

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