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This Monster Lives

Made Men #4 picks up right where the previous issue left off (read the review here). Jutte and her “back from the dead” team has captured police chief Hubert and thought they were going to get some answers to why they were set up and ambushed, that is until a sniper showed up and pinned them down. Now with nowhere to run or hide they must find a way to get themselves and Hubert out alive because coming back from the dead is not as easy as it looks.

Made Men #4 - Cover Art by Gonzalo Duarte
Made Men #4 – Cover Art by Gonzalo Duarte

Made Men #4 was very well written and a really good read. I am really starting to get into the mystery of why Jutte’s team was killed and the who, what, and why it all happened. This issue is pretty exciting and Paul Tobin does a great job of pacing the action and story throughout the issue. I do wish we got to spend a little more time with some of the other team members. We obviously have a firm grasp on Jutte Frankenstein, as she is the main character. and Tobin has done a wonderful job of fleshing her out; I am starting to get a hold of Hadry and what she is all about, and Leo is just a dude with a lion head so not much there, but the other two team members I do not feel a big connection to right now.

I do really like how the story has been developing so far, and Tobin has done a fantastic job of not showing us all of his cards at once. I am not going to spoil it, but there is a big reveal at the end that is very satisfying and really kept me on board with this series.


Arjuna Susini tight lines and great character design combined with Gonzalo Duarte’s dark color palate has been a fantastic combination for Made Men. The characters are nicely detailed and I like the way Susini draws clothing it looks very realistic with the folds and wrinkles and how they fit the characters. Some minor gripes would be that the facial expressions do look strange in some panels and there is a scene with Jutte running and the position of her body looks very awkward.

There are a great few pages in the beginning of Made Men #4 that is a great piece of storytelling in a sequential art form. With a bullet from the sniper heading toward the team, we get a flashback of Jutte’s grandmother and her past. It is a great piece of storytelling with the pages following the bullet and the flashback.


Made Men #4 got me excited again for this series; after the past two issues, I was losing my interest about what was going on, but this issue pulled me back in with some good story developments and with a wonderful ending it has me very interested to see what will happen next. Made Men has become a very interesting comic book these past four issues; part horror, part action, part mystery with some drama thrown in and you got yourself one heck of a comic!

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