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The day every Superman fan on the face of the planet has been anxiously awaiting arrived this past weekend as the Man of Steel movie opened in theaters. My lovely girlfriend and fellow nerd Shannon bought the tickets Wednesday. This is my review and it will be full of spoilers because that is the only way I can write a full article on my opinions of this epic film.


Once again this article will be full of Spoilers, Spoilers, and more Spoilers.

I went into the theater with my own expectations of how this movie would play out and was positive that it would be spectacular. Well, the Man of Steel played out in a different way than I thought but it did not disappoint. I loved this movie and will go to the theater to see it again. Henry Cavill played Superman with passion and precision.

The movie begins on the planet Krypton a midst a coupe attempt by General Zod played by Michael Shannon. Seeing Krypton and the technologies of this great society was nothing short of breathtaking. So much detail went into these scenes alone and I sat in awe not able to blink as not to miss a single moment of the beautiful backdrop. As we all know that Krypton is destroyed by its sun, here lies one of the changes. In this version it is not Krypton’s sun that destroys the planet but the core of the planet itself. The Kryptonians have all but depleted their resources and have been tapping into the core for energy; which will be the downfall of the planet and its society. Jor-El as before warns the council of elders and as before his warnings fall on deaf ears.

   Now here is where the story gets somewhat creative. Kal-El also known as Superman is the first natural birth on Krypton centuries. Kryptonian babies are now genetically grown in what reminded me of a sequence from The Matrix. Chambers containing pods with babies were everywhere with machines tending to them before they are born, very Matrix like indeed but awesome to say the least. Jor-El steals and implants the genetic codes to the Kryptonian race within his newly born son and sends him to Earth but not before Zod and Jor-El battle it out resulting in Jor-El’s demise. A moment later Zod is apprehended and sentenced to the Phantom Zone along with a handful of his followers.

The infant Kal-El now arrives on Earth and we jump a few decades into the future and we see Clark Kent wandering from job to job trying to find his place in the world. From time to time the movie jumps back to Clark’s childhood as we see how he learns of his great powers and how to deal with them. I really liked how they did this, I expected the movie to run in sequence through his childhood but handling it in flashbacks really worked out well.

Soon after we are introduced to Lois Lane portrayed by Amy Adams and I have to say that she did an excellent job in the movie. She gets an assignment to do a story on an object thought to be a foreign sub of some kind but winds up being a Kryptonian ship . She sneaks onto the ship and discovers Clark, at this point the dynamics in the relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent take a drastic change as now Lois knows that Superman and Clark are one in the same. I had my doubts about the path the movie was now taking at first but then it dawned on me that this was ingenious. We all know the cat and mouse game that has been played between these two in the past with Lois eventually finding out who Clark really is leading to their eventual marriage in the pre-New 52 story lines. Now they’ve saved us from having to live through all that yet again and have giving us a new exciting scenario to watch play out. Now instead of Clark hiding his secret from her and the world instead it will be both of them sharing his secret from the start. Man of Steel is shaping up to be very creative.

  This leads to a big turning point in the film as Clark saves Lois and takes the ship where he learns more of who he is from a Hologram of his father Jor-El played by Russell Crowe and so I don’t keep repeating myself I think Crowe and the rest of the cast did an excellent job portraying their characters.

This is where Clark gets the suit which we’ve all seen long before the movie released and I think it is truly an awesome take on the Superman garb as was all the Kryptonian armor we see throughout the film. Now is when we see what I call the turning point in which Clark Kent/Kal-El learns what his purpose is and begins to experiment with his abilities including flight.

Now the plot of the movie thickens as Zod and his minions arrive and demand the people of Earth turn over Kal-El or suffer the consequences. This leads to an interesting event as we are used to the people of Earth welcoming Superman, instead now they are just looking to save themselves because lets face it, they don’t know who Superman is nor do they want to get involved in this dispute. They just want to get this over with and go on with their lives. To me this couldn’t be any more how humans would really act in this situation hence at this point I love where the story is taking us.

As much as I would love to just layout the rest of the movie, I think I’ll have to show some restraint, but I will say that this all leads up to one of the most wide scale, destructive and epic superhero battles that I could have ever hoped to see on the big screen. I was very impressed and inspired by the climax of Man of Steel and I really hate having to wait for the next installment in this series but I guess I’ll have to watch this one about twenty more times or so just to take my mind off it.

  So this is it, if you are a fan of the comics and especially of Superman then I would highly suggest seeing this movie. Man of Steel is a visual masterpiece and is wonderfully written. Zack Snyder did a superb job as did the entire cast. I would even go as far to say that even if you are not a Superman fan and just want to see an action packed epic by all means do not miss this one.







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