Many Marvel Movies Mentioned

It seems that the news has gone a little mad this year, as it does whenever San Diego Comic Con is on. It can be hard to keep up and sometimes little things slip through.

Marvel especially throw so much out there it can sometimes get lost in the hype. That hype has been the unveiling of the Iron Man 3 amour. Fans went nuts for it and the internet lit up.

They continued on though. The next bits of news included the titles to, not one, but two of their films. When you hear the titles, you’ll see why they are so exciting. Coming November 8th next year is Thor: The Dark World and coming April 4th 2014 is Captain America: Winter Soldier.

The most exciting out of those two is obviously the Winter Soldier title and it is what got crowds buzzing. If you are just a Marvel film fan then maybe that doesn’t mean all that much to you but if you are a comic fan, well, you’ll know what’s coming.

In the comics, the Winter Soldier is a highly trained assassin with a robotic arm that allows him to do extraordinary feats. But there is a kicker. The Winter Soldier is actually Bucky Barns (Sebastian Stan), Captain Americas best friend who he believed died.

As soon as he fell off the train in the first film there was speculation that this was coming, just maybe not so soon. This gives us a clear storyline for the second Captain America films and will probably get a lot more fans interested.

As for Thor: The Dark World, it does not give much away. Off the top of my head I cannot think of any story lines this would fit into. Do any of you fans out there have any ideas? If so, leave them in the comments section.

Marvel have also confirmed an Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy movie. That is a lot of films to be putting out in the next couple of years and also puts DC to shame. There is no doubt that all will tie together some how.

Do the confirmed titles make you more excited about the next wave of films? What do you think of the Winter Soldier? Is it too soon? What do you think of the rest of the line up?









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