Mario Tennis Aces Adds Three Free Characters


Three New Characters Coming Free to Mario Tennis Aces This Fall


2018 has been a comeback for tennis video games. The advancements in the pastime, Mario Tennis Aces, has created a platform that is stimulating enough to give a satisfying experience. The recently released game by publisher Nintendo, revealed three more characters joining the family this Fall.

Three New Characters Coming Free to Mario Tennis Aces This Fall
Diddy Kong

It has been only a couple of days since Mario Tennis Aces came out but expecting to retain the spirits of both the game and its players, Nintendo will be providing new and exciting characters every month. The three characters revealed to show up soon in Fall are Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Koopa Paratroopa. The early on released Blooper and Koopa Troopa will be joined by the three new characters alongside. Nintendo believes if these five characters can keep the players alive, it is probable that there will be more to come.

It is believed that Mario Tennis Aces copes best with the Nintendo console Wii U, rather than the Nintendo 64 for which the game must make amendments. A brisk and rapid gaming pace is given to both existing players and newcomers. The game also grants existing players to grow their skills by practice and advance ahead of typical players. With the aid of new characters added in the story, Mario Tennis Aces thrive to become a permanent residence for players using its virtual tennis courts.

Three New Characters Coming Free to Mario Tennis Aces This Fall

Nintendo also aims to lure and maintain the pre-existing players by letting them employ new characters ahead of time. The tournament becomes a deciding factor for people getting an early unlocking of characters. The higher the position in the tournament, the better chances players will have to use new characters prematurely in July. Other players can play on 1st August, the characters release date.

Although Super Smash Bros. created a substantial amount of characters in their game, the players in Mario Tennis Aces gain the advantage of having new characters each month to keep themselves delighted and eager. Due to the concealed statistical information about the characters, players can be more excited and yearn to know how they turn out to be.

Three New Characters Coming Free to Mario Tennis Aces This Fall
Koopa Paratroopa

As Nintendo’s strategy to test the characters Blooper and Koopa Troopa beforehand, they opened paths to many new players before releasing the three new characters. The tactic also aided them to strengthen the game’s scope.

Finally, another exciting piece of news reveals Nintendo to have issued a trailer. It includes all the five characters: Blooper, Koopa Troopa, Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Koopa Paratroopa. Thus, Nintendo leaves the players with immense enthusiasm. Swell your high-spirits to experience the best graphics and visuals with lively characters waiting for you to pile up your scores.

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