Mark Hamill Finally Gets His Hollywood Star

Mark Hamill: A History

Star Wars fans definitely don’t have a bad feeling about Mark Hamill receiving the 2,630th Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Hamill soared to world-renowned fame following the unexpected popularity of Star Wars: A New Hope. The original trilogy was released in in the 197os/80s and Hamill reprised the role of Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi

Star Wars may have been Mark Hamill’s claim to fame, but he was discovered at the Horseshoe (since renamed Zephyr,) the summer before went to college. He debuted on-screen with The Bill Cosby Show and Headmaster. Hamill had a good two dozen credentials under his belt before Luke Skywalker was a blip on the radar. When Mark Hamill isn’t voice-acting the Joker professionally, he’s reading Trump tweets on Twitter in his maniacal Joker voice or trolling Star Wars fans with “spoilers.” 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Process

Hollywood Walk of Fame honorees must go through a heap of red tape before approval. Five categories are available for applicants to choose from: Motion Pictures, Radio, Television, Recording, and Live Theater/Live Performance. The Walk of Fame Committee is inducting Mark Hamill for Motion Pictures. Anyone can nominate a qualified candidate for the Walk of Fame. They need a letter of consent from the nominee or their management and an agreement that they will attend the ceremony. Sponsors must also climb the biggest hurdle of the $40,000 fee should their nominee be chosen.

The competition is fierce—around 300 people are nominated each year but only 30 are selected. The Walk of Fame Committee narrows down the nominee pool but the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce makes the final decision. If you’re itching to nominate someone and have forty grand lying around, I suggest Star Wars creator, George Lucas. (You have until May 31, 2018.) Lucas will emcee the March 8th event, in front of El Capitan Theater, joined by Walk of Famer Harrison Ford.

Where’s Carrie Fisher’s Walk of Fame Star?

carrie fisherCertain humble reporters believe that it’s a crime against humanity, (or the galaxy,) that Carrie Fisher doesn’t have a star. Considering her stellar performances in Star Wars, almost 100 acting credentials, her captivating memoirs and audiobooks, and her outspoken activism, Carrie Fisher was the full package. 

Fisher may not have an official star but fans left her a memorial on a makeshift star after her death. The inscription read, “Carrie Fisher, may the Force be with you always, hope.” Fans left flowers, candles, and cinnamon rolls to honor her iconic Star Wars buns. There is hope – stars can receive a space on the Hollywood Walk of Fame posthumously. The committee accepts applications five years after a star’s death. I propose we fundraise to get Carrie Fisher a star if Mark Hamill doesn’t submit an application for her.  The Walk of Fame Committee frowns on fundraising fees, but what are Star Wars fans if not rebels? Memorialize our favorite space trio as stars in the Hollywood galaxy together forever by 2021 – it’s a perfect tribute. 

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