Marvel Now! Thor Will Redefine Worthy

Marvel Now! has been kept quite quiet considering how big an impact it will have. All Marvel have released so far is little teasers that might not even be for the books we expect.

However, as the time nears, they are finally starting to give us a lot more information, beginning with Thor: God of Thunder #1, a book which will be helmed by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic.

The story will follow a young Thor, Thor the Avenger and Thor the last king of Asgard, in a book that spans not only time zones, but also the entire universe. Aaron has planned a grand story which will see Thor meet other gods throughout his thousand years of life, only to see them all die off, leaving their mortal followers with only one hope – Thor.

To break it down even more, as Aaron did himself, there is a god killing serial killer on the loose, effecting every stage of Thor’s life, which he must stop, even when he is the last king and something has gone terribly wrong.

“Jason and Esad have created a Thor story for the ages, and a villain unlike anything our hero has ever faced,” said Marvel Editor In Chief Axel Alonso. “Combine Jason’s trademark storytelling with Esad’s majestic visuals and the result is a story of breathtaking scale that is sure to thrill a new generation of readers.  This is going to be a book to watch.”

The Marvel Now! relaunch is set to be one that draws in news readers and old alike, but while giving them a son of Odin they have never seen before.

“Thor, by definition, demands stories of a grand scale,” explained Jason Aaron in an interview with “This story spans millennia – from the Viking Age to the far flung future. And it takes us all across the Marvel Universe as well. From Earth to the far corners of space, and from all new otherworldly cities of gods to an Asgard like we’ve never seen before, we definitely cover a lot of ground in our initial arc.”

This will see the book go in a whole new direction, featuring all new heroes, weapons and villains.

Make sure you pick up Thor: God of Thunder #1 this November as Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic redefine Worthy!

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