Marvel NOW Teases Lightning.

Marvel NOW launches its second wave by teasing lightning. As always, we are encouraged to speculate what Marvel means with the term. Lightning could mean many different things because of associations with many different characters and teams. Our thoughts and speculation point to the following 4 choices.

Red Hulk: Admittedly a long shot, but the Hulk’s one time stepfather is also known as “Thunderbolt Ross.” Maybe he might get a solo series, going against the likes of the Leader, MODOK, Zzaxx, and other classic Hulk villains.

Storm. After Avengers vs. X-Men, Storm needs to find her place in the world. She abandons Wakanda after a very public fight with her husband T’Challa. This is also before Namor led an attack on it. That public betrayal causes the Wakandan king to annul their marriage. Apparently, some people can’t let things like that go.

Now, she is given a choice: try to repair her broken marriage or reestablish her ties with the mutant community, one that she has not been a part of for a decade. This is probably the weakest idea, but it would certainly make for a good story.

Thunderbolts: Although the series was recently renamed Dark Avengers, Thunderbolts seems to be the most likely candidate. Not only the team name alludes to lightning, their motto is “Justice, like Lightning.” Maybe, Marvel’s answer to the Suicide Squad will reorganize with a new team and have a new mission.

Punisher: An interesting theory, alluded to by the cross hairs on the world, is that the Punisher is getting a revamp after the soft reset. The lone vigilante might be forced to work with a team, possibly the Thunderbolts.

Who do you think lightning stands for? Is there some weather or lightning based hero or villain that we overlooked?

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