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Marvel NOW! While Marvel’s First Family is out, a Doctor Makes a House Call.

Their task sounds simple in theory. They need to protect the Earth and Future Foundation for four minutes while the Fantastic Four are on vacation. However, things are never easy when the Fantastic Four are involved.

Knowing that the Fantastic Four is not around, a certain Doctor makes a house call. And he’s brought friends.

Not being naive or stupid, the Fantastic Four handpicked four substitutes to guard the building: Ant-Man, Medusa, Miss Thing, and She-Hulk. Each one has been a member of the Fantastic Four in the past, but they’ve never worked together. How well will their powers work together? Can they last the entire four minutes?

Unlike some of the other Marvel Now! concepts, this one does interest me. While I’m fairly certain that it has been done before, I can’t think of when. Even if it is a recycled idea, it does seem original enough to be beyond what previous attempts were.

What I am concerned with are the substitute members. Two of them are direct analog of FF members and two are not. Medusa powers are similar to Mr Fantastic. Miss Thing is the rule 63 equivalent of the Thing. She-Hulk is muscle, but they already have it taken care of. Ant-Man seems out-of-place. There might have been better characters to pick for this team.

Then again, characters are picked based on what stories the writers want to tell. So, it probably is best to trust that the writers will know what they are doing and wait for the results.

FF 1 will be available in November.

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