Marvel Goofs On Colors In Immortal Hulk Issue


Marvel Done Goofed Up


Marvel currently has a sleeper hit with The Immortal Hulk. The series, bringing the character back to its horror roots, has become a quick fan and critical favorite. This is good news for Marvel as recent comic book missteps have lost them goodwill from some fans. The most recent issue of the series had Bruce Banner’s green alter ego go up against his former buddies, the Avengers. However, while the issue garnered praise, as had past issues, eagle eyed fans saw something

In the fight scenes, Captain America’s chest armor is colored red. It appears that this coloring issue was somehow missed by editorial. These kinds of coloring mistakes happen more frequently than you’d think. In the age of digital coloring, one wrong click can mess up the color job, setting back hours of work. However, it is unknown why Marvel somehow missed this mistake. It should have been easily caught by an editor as the pages came in for review. Was it due to deadlines? Sleepiness? Plain old laziness? Either way, it is very concerning when one of the Big Two makes such a simple error. However, one group is happy: speculators.

Marvel Entertainment
Marvel Entertainment/Credit Joe Bennett

Marvel At The Prices For Defects

When it comes to printed media, misprints are often prized by collectors. For example, the famous Flying Jenny stamp.  This misprinted stamp, with its plane flying upside down, is worth millions of dollars. However, it is also very rare. Books with misprints, such as these, can be worth several thousand dollars. 

But what about comics? While the market for misprints is small; there is a market for it. A near mint and signed copy of All Star Batman and Robin #10 is, of this writing, currently on Ebay for a couple hundred dollars. But that book is also rare as it was recalled due to a word not being censored. It is unlikely Immortal Hulk #7 will be considered a rare book, unless it becomes returnable for corrected copies.

Only time will tell to see if this misprint becomes someone’s bounty, or just another headache for the House of Ideas.

Update: Marvel has said the coloring error will be corrected in future reprints and on digital editions of Immortal Hulk #7. So get those first-print copies while you can!

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