Marvel Reveals New Iron Man Concept Art

Iron Man Gets Some New Toys

Iron Man Suit Test 01 Valerio Schiti Marvel ComicsWith Marvel’s latest relaunch on the way, that means new teams begin planning their stories. For Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, that means some new threads. Ever since Marvel Now!, every time there is a relaunch, Tony gets a new look. This has ranged from his Avengers World black-and-yellow armor to his Superior chrome Apple product look. Even his temporary replacements as Iron Man, Victor Von Doom and Riri Williams, got to don new duds.

Thus, this is also true for the upcoming run by Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti. On Monday, CBR got a first look at the various new toys and armor Iron Man will don in his new series.

Where Does Tony Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Iron Man Suit Test 02 Valerio Schiti Marvel ComicsSlott is practically gleeful about the various possibilities opened up by multiple suits. “The designs and character work he’s doing is really beautiful—this is stunning work,” he said about Schiti. “The way he draws the characters and the tech—I can’t imagine anyone else doing this. He’s really bringing his A-Game. I can’t wait for people to see this all in action!” He went on to say:

“One of the things we’re doing in the book is that for the most part there is no one set Iron Man armor. If you’re Tony Stark you can build whatever you want,” Slott added, explaining the reason he and Schiti are blowing out Tony’s hi-tech options. “So why not have a different suit for the different problems you’re facing? Are we going to have a base suit? Yes, because he has to appear over in Avengers and have a consistent look. But when you’re in Tony Stark: Iron Man, though, Valerio is going to have complete freedom to go crazy with all kinds of new armors! We’re taking this toy chest — and we’ve decided it’s not big enough! We’re building extensions!”

Mighty Morphin’ Iron Man

Iron Man Suit Test 03 Valerio Schiti Marvel ComicsWhile having multiple suits opens up fantastic possibilities, it opens up new problems, too. Having multiple suits might make it too easy for Tony to beat the bad guys and save the day. He might not be able to change on the fly, like when he had the Extremis suit, but it does make things easier. That might take the wind out of the bad guys’ sails and make things less interesting.

Secondly, it sounds like an excuse to make toys. Various Iron Man armors could be launch ideas for new toys for kids. If you know anything about the “toy-etic” approach WB had for its DC films in the 1990s, you know why some people might dread this. Whether or not these issues occur remains to be seen in the future.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 hits shelves in June.

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