Marvel to Unveil New Animated Shows at San Diego Comic-Con

At this year’s Comic-Con International, Marvel Animation will be pleased to unveil three upcoming projects. This is in addition to a never before seen episode of Ultimate Spider-man.

Its first project, Hulk and the Agents of SMASH looks interesting. It is the first Hulk centric cartoon in almost 2 decades. What little we know about the series comes from the teaser image. We know that Hulk is having a family outing this time around with his cousin She-Hulk, his blood-brother Rick Jones/A-Bomb, his father-in-law Red-Hulk, and his son Skaar. We can also guess the family issues will come up a few times in the series. This could be a family drama, but with super powers.


Their second project, Avenger’s Assemble, is one that I’m cautiously optimistic about. Sure it has many strikes against it, the biggest is fan ire because it caused the more beloved Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to be canceled, but I tend to reserve judgment until I’ve seen the first few episodes. Who knows, it might be good on its own terms.



The third potential announced series will astonish you. I think that it would mean an Astonishing X-Men cartoon series. Then again, sometimes they want to be clever and it might be a Ka’Zar or Deathlock centered show, as both characters were in Astonishing Tales at one point. I highly doubt the company will be that clever, however.

The Marvel Television Presents panel will be on Saturday July, 14th at 10:30 a.m. in room 6BCF. Please note that all audio and visual recording devices will be prohibited during the event.

If you are unable to attend, got to to get up to the minute highlights of their time at the convention.

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