Marvel Ushers In The Age Of Ultron

Just when you thought Marvel was getting fed up with massive events they drop Age of Ultron on us. It appears that Ultron has returned, taken over the world and kicked almost everyone’s ass, and to get us pumped here’s a funky new advert:-


Released on March 6th, this ten issue cross over event brings writer Brian Michael Bendis together with a team of Marvels best pencil jockeys, including Bryan Hitch, Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco to bring back this Asimo with attitude.

AgeOfUltron_1_UltronVariantUltron is a bad ass Robot built by one of the Avengers resident geniuses Hank Pym. Hank uses his own brain waves as a template for the robots own mechanical mind. Ultron then developed his own sentient intellect and decides that his father, the great Dr Pym, isn’t all that great and tries to kill his ass. After that the crazy kill bot is destroyed by the Avengers, and a couple of other well hard super teams, around 17 times throughout his 40 odd year career. His various guises have seen him made from everything from steel, to vibranium, to adamantium, to possessing a human or two. He is able to fly, shoot stuff, be dead strong and use mind control to devastating effect.

The last we saw the most recent incarnation of Ultron he had been re-energised by the Intelligencia. In Avengers Vol 4 #12.1 Sword finds a new robot thing in space and sends Spider-Women to go and get it. She is taken hostage by the Intelligencia who are trying to pinch the Galadorian Spaceknight’s power source. The Avengers manage to stop the bad guys, but the Spaceknight is inadvertently activated and unfortunately turns out to contain the consciousness of Ultron. A battle ensues between Ultron and Thor resulting in Ultron doing a runner. Tony Stark then turns up with some poop in his suit and informs everyone that he has seen the future and we are all in said poop when Ultron returns.

age of ultronAnd that, apart from a few pictures and the above ad, is about all we know so far.

As with everything, there are good and bad points to an event like this. As we all know this is by no means the first big cross over event the Marvel fellas have thrown our way. That said, it needs to be big and it needs to be good as it is the first major event since the release of Marvel Now. I just hope it doesn’t leave me hating the entire universe like AvX did. Also, those at Marvel have slipped in to the habit of bombarding us with books and Age of Ultron, AU, seems to be no different. With three books in the first month and then two every month until the arc ends it’s as if they are trying to get it out of the way as quick as possible. I get that AU will have to fit around other books and current story arcs and the speedy releases are clearly there to keep it in line with everything else happening in the universe, but it doesn’t make it any easier on the wallet!!!!


Submit or Perish to Age of Ultron #1 from Bendis and Hitch on 6th March 2012.

Age of Ultron #1
Age of Ultron #1

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