Mattel’s New Barbie Line is Amazingly Inclusive

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Mattel’s Making Big Moves Towards Being More Inclusive, and the Fans Love It

Mattel just released photos of their new Barbie line, and it’s got people excited. Included in the photo is a Barbie in a wheelchair, and another wearing a prosthetic leg.


Barbie Fashionistas diversity
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Long have people been begging for a more realistic Barbie. In recent years Mattel has been slowly caving to those demands. Slowly, they’ve been testing the waters by releasing one or two Barbies at a time. Thankfully the fan reactions have been encouraging enough to get them to continue. The fact that the fans won’t hesitate to call them out on their lack of options probably helped, too.

We’ve seen the rise of more inclusive Barbies—from dolls with different careers (you know, other than the jobless and rich like the original Barbie) to dolls with different hairstyles and skin tones. However, up until now, they had never made the most requested Barbie from their hotline: a Barbie in a wheelchair.

The New Line

The newest line from Mattel includes a Barbie in a wheelchair. She’s the classic blond that many have come to know and love, but it’s still an improvement. Another one of the Barbies has a prosthetic leg, and she’s brunette. Hopefully, they’ll expand the line to include more sizes, shapes, and skin tones as well.

Mattel has also announced that they’ll be releasing a Barbie with a ‘smaller bust and less-defined waist.’ It’s about time! This has been something that fans have been demanding for years—literally.

Barbie and Her Prosthetic Leg

Mattel gave credit to their inspiration for making a Barbie with a prosthetic leg to 12-year-old Jordan Reeves. The young girl had made her own arm that also conveniently shot out glitter on command. Kind of perfect for a 12-year-old, right?

They even went so far as to allow Reeves to give input directly to the design team. Her biggest piece of advice was to make sure that the prosthetic was detachable. Something they admitted to not even considering.

Here’s hoping they learn from this experience and start reaching out to others for advice on designing their next line of dolls!

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