McDonald’s and Disney are Back Together!

McDonald’s and Disney Teaming Up Once Again

Two of the largest corporations in the United States are teaming up once again, after “breaking up” nearly twelve years ago. McDonald’s and Disney are reunited!

McDonald's Disney Happy Meal toys 101 Dalmatians
Happy Meal treasure!

Every ’90s kid can remember the thrill of getting a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. It was an exciting time because there was always some sort of toy inside, often from the latest Disney movie. I personally remember being super excited to get the 101 Dalmatians toys from McDonald’s back in 1990. It wasn’t quite the real Dalmatian puppy that I begged my parents for, but it was a nice consolation prize.

But in 2006, Disney decided to break ties with McDonald’s. Disney has always tried to keep a “family friendly” face. McDonald’s becoming the scapegoat for childhood obesity tarnished their reputation. As a result, Disney moved on to bigger and better things.

Tackling Childhood Obesity

Twelve years later, these two companies have decided to rekindle their former romance. This time, however, Disney has certain stipulations. McDonald’s Happy Meals have to become more nutritious for children. Their aim is to reduce the amounts of saturated fat, sugar, and sodium in these kids’ meals. These are nutritional guidelines that Disney adopted back in 2006.

The agreement between these two corporations is a multi-year agreement. It will begin in June 2018 with toys from Incredibles 2, which is due out in theaters on June 15. McDonald’s Happy Meals will also feature toys from Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 in November.

With Disney and McDonald’s teaming up again to battle childhood obesity, it will be interesting to see the impact. Will other fast food companies begin to change their menus as well? Will Disney exert its influence over other organizations to promote children’s health?

Either way, this is a positive development in the entertainment world. The magic of Disney will find its way back into those Happy Meal boxes, which will undoubtedly boost sales. Perhaps emphasizing health and wellness at a young age will also begin to decrease the childhood obesity rate as well.


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