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MCM Expo Manchester ‘Comic Con’

Now, the press release WOTN received to advertise the MCM Expo Manchester was titled:-

‘Britain’s Best Comic Con Returns to Manchester!’

Well, I attended last year and can tell you from experience then a least some of this statement is true. So let’s break it down shall we.

For a start, ‘Britain’s Best Comic Con,’ I’ve been to quite a few British Cons, living in Britain and all, and the best one is Kapow!, by a long way.

And next we have ‘Comic Con’ with almost a 100% of this Con being Anime and Manga, I think that parties on both sides of the fence would agree that there is a massive difference between Anime and Comics, so not technically true either.

But, you will be pleased to know that it is defiantly returning to Manchester.

So, Good points:

Louis, A Friend, With Two Cosplayers Last Year

There is plenty of Cosplay, again mainly Manga, but they go all out, look amazing and I spent 10 minutes trading puns with a guy dressed as Luigi (Mario Bros) last year, which was fun.










Comic Village

Comic Artists – MCM Expo’s famous Comic Village comes to Manchester to showcase the work of leading comic creators, including Lee Bradley, Antony Johnston and John McCrea. Visitors will also get the chance to show their own artistic ability with competitions running throughout the day.

(From press release)

X-23, Me And Wolverine Last Year

Guests, including Warwick Davis, the cast of Young Dracula, football stars Peter Shilton, Mike Summerbee, Tony Book and Colin Bell with more to be announced.

Cool gaming stuff with THQ previewing Darksiders II, Namco Bandai with new JRPG Tales of Graces F and a Dance Dance Revolution zone to cut some shapes and show all your friends how good you are at being told what to do.

So, taking all of this in to account the MCM Manchester show is more than worth the £8 entry fee, and with kids under 10 going free, there isn’t that much to complain about. So check out the SITE and get some TICKETS for July 21st at Manchester central.



There is also an MCM Facebook group that I recently had to leave. Don’t get me wrong, everyone in this group is nice and they share some cool pics and advice on their next cosplay ideas, but the other day I got the feeling that I just didn’t fit in. Now, I’m a massive nerd! I love comics and cartoons and everything else geeky you can think of, but there is a line! So, when the following pic appeared on the group with the question, ‘Which would you prefer?’ I thought the answer would be obvious………….


But no. Fully grown, straight men where choosing a little, yellow, electric cat thing over her! Now that’s not even funny as a joke! People were also saying what a massive attention seeker she is, now while that is clearly the case, can a group of cosplayers really slag her off for that?????

To be honest I think my real beef with the MCM Manchester is the fact that the London show is so much bigger and better. It would be good if someone would take the rest of the UK as serious as they do London. Buck your Ideas up people! Check back after the 21st to see if I enjoyed the Con. Fingers crossed.


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  • hey thanks for the heads up been wanting to check a con out for a while now and being 25 i think ive left it far too long so when i found out they have one in manchester being that i live in manchester i find iit hard to say no and thats to your words i think im gonna give it a go mate , so cheers


  • wahey! that x23 cosplayer in the photo is me! <3 wasn't expecting to find that on google 😀
    Thanks man!

  • MCM EXPO looks awful. Going by the facebook group, it’s just an excuse for cosplay, Japanese pop-culture and anime fapping.

    The guests seem to have nothing to do with the comics/sci-fi culture, either. I mean: “Guests, including Warwick Davis, the cast of Young Dracula, football stars Peter Shilton, Mike Summerbee, Tony Book and Colin Bell with more to be announced.”

    What?! Whose idea was that?


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