Meet Mr. Melinda May

We’ve heard Melinda May’s ex-husband mentioned exactly twice.  Actually, we’ve only heard that it was a ‘he,’ once.  The first time we ever found out, she had just been asked, “Have you ever been married?” To which she replied “Once.”

Of course, what we deserved was to find out that her estranged spouse was Agent Victoria Hand, and that they were separated by the mysterious events in Bahrain and came back together after Turn, Turn, Turn.

Rachel, you might say.  Stop telling us about your fan fiction. Well, rhetorical audience, it wouldn’t be fan fiction if this show just gave us ONE THING WE DESERVED, instead of what we have.

Anyway, Melinda May’s ex-spouse is not Victoria Hand, but Dr. Andrew Garner, played by two-time Golden Globe nominee Blair Underwood.  He will begin filming this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  We will meet the ex-husband in March, when the show returns from hiatus.

The appearance of the ex-husband also means that we will be getting more Melinda May back story, and we’ll be taking a closer look at what happened to her in Bahrain that earned her that one infamous nickname.

Fans are happy to see that we’ll be getting more Melinda May back story  However, after what happened to Antoine Triplett, Victoria Hand, and other characters that the show deemed ‘expendable,’ many fans worry that Melinda May’s ex-husband will just be used as another ‘shock value’ death.  The show’s track record bodes ill for his fate, especially since he will likely be a romantic rival of Phil Coulson.

In any instance, I’m excited to see Blair Underwood join the cast, and I really do wish his character all the best, especially since many will start skewering him the second he stands against Coulson.  I’m already on your side, Dr. Garner.  I promise.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns March 3, 2015.


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