MidBoss Kicks Off Second Annual Summer of Pride



Streaming Event Expands with Charity Support, Permanent LGBTQ+ Games Storefront

MidBoss presents Summer of Pride 2020, the second annual celebration of LGBTQ+ diversity in games. Running from 9:00 a.m. PT today through June 30, the event features diverse Twitch streamers playing queer-positive games and raising money for LGBTQ+ charities. A year-round queer games storefront will go live later this month, and the Steam page for MidBoss’ upcoming Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER is now live.

Raising the bar for Summer of Pride, MidBoss and participating streamers will raise money for life-changing LGBTQ+ charities Trans Lifeline, Trevor Project, and GaymerX via TILTIFY. A permanent storefront for queer-positive games curated by MidBoss will launch in June in partnership with

Summer of Pride 2020 brings together queer gaming communities to celebrate diversity in the medium. Presented by MidBoss, developer of the inclusive cyberpunk adventure 2064: Read Only Memories, the event takes place on Twitch, with streams featured on the front page throughout the month and hosted on the MidBoss Twitch Channel.

This year’s live streaming schedule includes Biqtch Puddin, winner of season 2 of “The Boulet Brothers’ DRAGULA” and previously active in the fighting game community as a competitive player. More than 70 top streamers from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum including Spofie, Mischa, iambrandon and DEERE will also take part in the festivities.

They will play more than 60 games with positive representation of queer characters, themes, and stories. These include celebrated AAA titles from The Last of Us: Left Behind to the Mass Effect series and an array of indie offerings such as Sayonara Wild Hearts, Monster Prom, Always Sometimes Monsters, and Fragments of Him.

Players can join the celebration of inclusivity through the Summer of Pride 2020 Sale, offering discounts of up to 80% on beloved queer-positive games including 2064: Read Only Memories, Gone Home and Tacoma. These and other sales will be available via the storefront once it launches, the Nintendo Switch eShop from June 20-30 and Steam from June 9-25.

“We want everyone experience the range of diversity bubbling just below the surface of gaming, whether that’s by getting hands-on with the games or watching a beautiful array of diverse streamers find pieces of themselves in the works of queer developers,” said Cade Peterson, CEO of MidBoss. “Spotlighting creators and media with positive LGBTQ+ representation in characters and storylines saves lives by showing queer youths they are not alone.”

Explore the full schedule including details about participating games and streamers on the Summer of Pride website. Join the festivities via the MidBoss Twitch Channel. Keep an eye on, the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam for discounts in the Summer of Pride 2020 Sale.

Wishlist Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER on Steam and follow MidBoss on Twitter for news on NEURODIVER, the storefront and Summer of Pride 2020.

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