Military Shooters Are Stuck in a Loop

EA Disappoints Players of Military Shooters Yet Again

VentureBeat has reported that the new Battlefield 5 will take place during WWII. Duh, right? The last Battlefield took place in WWI, so it only makes sense that the next step in the series is WWII. For most fans of military shooters, this is a happy, if not normal thing. For fans of Battlefield Bad Company, the news is rather disheartening. After much speculation over the past few months on the latest Battlefield entry, an insider leaked the details of the new game. Internally referred to as Battlefield 2, the 2018 war game follows Call of Duty’s WWII trend.

From a business standpoint, the course of action is clear. Many fans have grown tired of modern military shooters. When Battlefield 1 released, it sold faster and more than Battlefield 4 ever managed. The success of rival Call of Duty: WWII also demonstrated the demand for historical shooters. Consequently, the latest entry had to follow suit. Still, there is a sting to the fact that the cult classic Bad Company series won’t see the light of day for a while, if ever. 

The Popularity Loop

military shooters
more than just a military shooter

Military shooters have entered a bit of a loop. They started off in the World War era before people grew tired of that. Then Modern Warfare came and everyone blessed the breath of fresh air it gave. Yet after a series of modern shooters back-to-back between Call of Duty and Battlefield,  people again lost interest. Even futuristic settings became a joke. Now with the return of the World War era, we’ve come full circle. What happens when people become sick of fighting in trenches again? Will we return to the modern era? Call of Duty already did WWII, so are they going back to WWI now? This seems like a laughable problem at first. After all, shooters don’t (usually) have super-innovative and deep storytelling. All that matters is that multiplayer works and bam, you’re set. But that mindset is dangerous.

Even though Call of Duty has become a bit of a joke, it did something new. Like I mentioned before, when Modern Warfare released, it was a critical and commercial darling for being incredibly unique in a world dominated by historical shooters. Black Ops 2 expanded on the possibilities available to the shooter genre, giving it a solid story and multiple endings. Spec Ops: The Line blew away gamers with its hard-hitting story that really made a person think. The point I’m trying to make is that the military shooter genre has more to it than just setting. What matters most is how developers can make something familiar completely new. Popularity fades, and if they keep chasing what’s “in” instead of creating something unique, we’ll be trapped in a loop of WWI-II, Modern, WWII-I, Cold War, etc. for a long time.

Oh, and seriously bring back Bad Company already.


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