Mind the Gap #5- “Portrait of the Con Artist”

Jim McCann’s comic book Mind the Gap has received lots of hype. My partner in crime at Good Girls Gone Geek and fellow nerd here, Proffitt, did a great interview with Jim you can find here. I hate to admit I have not had the opportunity to read any of his work yet, so I jumped at the chance to review issue #5 of Mind the Gap “Portrait of the Con-Artist” published by Image Comics.

Rest assured, this is not a difficult comic book to just jump in after it’s started.  I love that there is a synopsis and a portrait gallery of the main players with names and brief descriptions. It was a great way to ease into the story and not feel lost.  I wish more comic books would do this, actually (and George RR Martin but that’s a different story).




This is obviously the issue where the plot thickens. Ellis Peterssen was intentionally beat into a coma and has ended up in some middle ground world between life and death and she now has the power take over live bodies of those who have moved on (such as a brain dead little girl’s body). Ellis’ boyfriend’s father has a suspicious recording of a conversation of Dane’s that he submits to the police stating his son must be responsible for her attack.  This issue delves into Dane’s past and his relationship with his father and possibly opens another mystery regarding Dane’s mother. And apparently the ending is a shocker. I get the feeling this is a story that will be spawning other stories that have their own stories and so forth. In other words Mr. McCann, I hope you are ready for a long run.

It’s hard to tell from one issue if this book will live up to the bar that has been set for it, but it’s off to a good start.  Enjoyable to read and suspenseful. I just got to know these characters but the writing was so heartfelt and honest, I care about Dane and Ellis already.  The art doesn’t get boring, there are subtle differences from the present, the past, and the dreams Dane has.  And a particularly lovely page showcases moments of Dane and Ellis falling in love.

Check this out if you were wondering about it or heard the good press. I look forward to future Jim McCann projects.

Written by Jim McCann, art by Rodin Esquejo and Adrian Alphona with alternate cover by Bjo Chen.


September 26, 2012.


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