Minecraft Fans Will Soon Be Required to Have a Microsoft Account

Come 2021 Fans Will Be Required to Have a Microsoft Account to Play Minecraft

Come 2021, there are going to be some changes waiting for fans of the massively popular game Minecraft. According to reports, anybody who wants to play will be required to have a Microsoft account.


Minecraft will require players to have Microsoft accounts

Microsoft obtained ownership—and thus, control—over Minecraft six years ago, and for a time, not much changed. The game continued to release updates, and fans continued to fall back on the classic (and beloved) game. The ownership meant that players had a couple of options in terms of playing. They could play the original Minecraft: Java Edition, which made use of Mojang accounts. Or they could play through their Microsoft account and get access to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, as it became known. 

Unfortunately, it seems like that period of peace may be over soon. Microsoft recently announced, on the Minecraft blog, that all players will have to have a Microsoft account in order to play. This change will be in place as early as 2021.

The Good News

So, here’s the good news: Mojang players are supposedly not going to lose any functionality, once their accounts have been ported over. It’ll be the same game everyone knows and loves, just connected to a different account. Additionally, two-factor authentication is going to be allowed, to add a level of protection. Anybody with a Mojang account has surely dealt with at least one breach attempt during their time. It’s actually become a bit of an inside joke to some, with countless fans begging for this step to be implemented. Though it is strange that it took this long, and that it’s taking a transfer to Microsoft to make it happen. 

Additionally, players will even get to keep all of their information, including their usernames. At least, your in-game username will be safe. Since the odds are good that there will be some overlapping of Mojang and Microsoft names, unfortunately, there are going to be some issues with the transition on that front. 

The Reaction

This will come as no surprise to hear, but the fan reactions to the news have been less than positive. Many Minecraft fans are (rightly) upset about the lack of choice they have in this decision. Others are pointing out the flaw in locking accounts a mere few months after the transition. This will undoubtedly leave fans high and dry if they haven’t been actively playing or paying attention to the news.

Other fans have pointed out that this will require all users to agree to two levels of terms of service—the Minecraft and Microsoft versions. Plus, there’s that ever-present concern over the concept of microtransactions, which some see as inevitable at this point. Really, only time will tell.


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