Mira Grant’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is Being Adapted into a Movie

Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant


Mira Grant’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is Becoming A Movie


Branded Pictures Entertainment just announced that they will be turning a novella by Mira Grant, AKA Seanan McGuire, into a movie. The movie will be in stark contrast to many of the mermaid movies of late but will fit in comfortably with other ocean themed horrors of this generation.

Rolling in the Deep

Rolling in the Deep is a tale about mermaids, but not the happy and singing type you may have become used to seeing. It’s more fitting to call it a horror novella than a fairy tale, to say the least.

The novella is about a film crew that heads out to the Mariana Trench to film a fake mermaid documentary. Along the way, they quickly learn that there may be more truth to their hoax than they intended.

Fans that want to read the book beforehand will have to buy it digitally or be willing to cough up a good sum of money for a used physical copy. The book is the first in a series but is actually considered to be #0.5 in order. The actual number one in the series is titled ‘Into the Drowning Deep.’ That one came out in 2017 and its sales have been strong enough to give BP hope that they can turn it into a franchise.


According to Variety, BP has landed Mary Lambert (Pet Cemetery) as the director for the project. Sean Hood (Halloween: Resurrection) has been brought in to create the adaptation. He seemed pretty excited about the source material, so there’s reason to hope he’ll be faithful to it.

Mira Grant


Seanan McGuiire/Mira Grant
Seanan McGuire / Mira Grant writer of “Rolling in the Deep”

Mira Grant is the pseudonym for author Seanan McGuire. That may be a name you recognize. Seanan McGuire was recently picked up by Marvel to write for Spider-Gwen, as well as some plots for X-Men.

Seanan McGuire publishes her fantasy and comic series under her own name; such as her October Daye and Wayward Children series. Her science fiction and horror novels are published under Mira Grant, such as the Drowning Deep and Newsflesh series.  Between the two names, she has published more than forty books.

This is Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant’s first movie adaptation. Both she and her fans are understandably excited. You can see her celebrating about it on Twitter with the creation of a new short song and a little bit of self-promotion.

We can’t wait to see it and want to congratulate Seanan on her huge success!

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