Review – Moon Knight #189 (Marvel Comics)

Moon Knight #189


Moon Knight #189 brings Marc Spector back into the spotlight. It seems Marc has come to terms with his multiple personality disorder and is dealing with it the best he can. Therapy is seeming to help and he has started to control his different identities, using them to his advantage to get his life back in order. Marc still does his daily tasks as “himself” Marc Spector, former Marine and mercenary, but then as Steven Grant, a successful entrepreneur and investor, he can give back to the underprivileged like he never could. Then, of course, there is another personality, New York cabbie Jack Lockley, who does not get heard from much. All the while the “moon god” Khonshu, the one who brought him back to life, continues to guide him as the vigilante superhero Moon Knight. As Moon Knight, Marc continues to do what superheroes do – tracking down bad guys and such – but in Moon Knight #189 a man called The Truth, with the terrifying power to drive people to commit suicide, arrives in the subway tunnels of the city and the Sun King continues his quest to destroy the Moon Knight!

Moon Knight #189 cover by Jacen Burrows
Moon Knight #189 cover by Jacen Burrows

We finally get some Moon Knight action in Moon Knight #189. Max Bemis took a big risk in the previous issue by doing an origin story for this new villain, the Sun King, who believes he is the avatar of the sun god, Ra, and is determined to kill Marc Spector. As noted in the review of issue #188, Marc Spector did not show up at all in that issue. It was a gamble, as it was the kickoff to this new series, and after the last Moon Knight series, I was very interested to see where Marc Spector was at in his life. Well, that gamble has seemed to have paid off in Moon Knight #189, as Bemis sets up this “new version” of Moon Knight that seems to be using his multiple personalities to his benefit and has come to terms with them (well, except for Jack Lockley). We get to see Moon Knight do some actual superhero type stuff, which is an excellent change of pace, and fight a new villain in this The Truth character. Bemis also continues to do a great job in building up this Sun King character, and since he was fully fleshed out in the last issue Bemis can sprinkle him in throughout this issue as his plans to destroy Marc Spector unfold.


Jacen Burrows’ art continues to shine in Moon Knight #189. His art just gives off this look and feel, it is hard to really say what makes it different, but it just is different and in a good way. I am not sure if it is his lines, with the little details he puts into characters’ bodies and faces, there is just something different about his art. It is not that the characters do not look like they should or that they are not anatomically correct or anything, but Burrows’ art is just very eye-catching, you can just feel something is different about it from the first page. It really fits well with the character of Moon Knight and the story being told in this series. 

Burrows does have help on inking in Moon Knight #189 from Guillermo Ortego on pages 10-20. It is not a noticeable change unless you are really paying attention; lines may not be as thick, maybe a few less details or certain areas highlighted over others, but Ortego does a great job of keeping everything consistent with the rest of the book.

Mat Lopes on colors really just does a superb job and he is definitely another reason why the art is so eye-catching. The colors just really pop off the pages in Moon Knight #189. There is a fantastic scene in the subway tunnels when Moon Knight is fighting The Truth that has this faint blue light hue to it that is really just fantastic. I also love the off-white color he gives to Moon Knight; it is a nice subtle change to how Moon Knight has been colored in the past and it looks great!


I am really liking how Bemis is dealing with Moon Knight’s mental disorder for now. We had a 14-issue series that dealt with it in every issue, so I like that Bemis addresses it, but it is also not the sole focus of the book. I get that we can’t completely ignore it, but I also like to see Moon Knight deal with other things besides that aspect of his character. It is nice to see him doing some superhero stuff and not letting the mental disorder completely define him. Hopefully, that trend continues throughout the series. The art in Moon Knight #189 continues to be fantastic and very unique. I am happy to say as a longtime fan of Moon Knight that I am really enjoying this new series. The story is taking some interesting turns and the art is fantastic. 


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