Motor Crush Slows Down On Motor Crunch

Motor Crush #11 (Image Comics) cover by Babs Tarr (detail)

Gotta Go Slow With Motor Crush

It is no secret that Image Comics’ Motor Crush has had some scheduling problems. It had taken the Motor Crush team, Babs TarrCameron Stewart, and Brenden Fletcher, around 16 months to complete 11 issues. The original release date for the 12th issue of the comic was in September. This puts five months between it and the previous issue. That is a pretty erratic trend, considering that there was a monthly release for Motor Crush.

Cover of Motor Crush #9
Cover of Motor Crush #9 – pretty cool, eh?

Thus, there is a new schedule for the series. The 12th issue of the comic has been canceled in favor of releasing a full third volume as a trade next summer. Tarr assured fans that the time change was not an omen and that there will be trade releases for the series from now on. Furthermore, this may come as a relief for consumers because the trades can be cheaper overall. Lastly, as mention by Tarr and the team themselves, attempting to release monthly was a stressful task.  Ultimately, I think everyone will be happy with the new, saner schedule.

The Need For Speed

Motor Crush is an awesome sci-fi-action series about futuristic motorcycle races, gangs, and a bad-ass lady that partakes in both. Motor Crush is the story of Domino Swift, a professional cyclist for a worldwide motorcycle racing league. However, behind closed doors, Swift is part of a motorcycle gang and spends her nights brutally brawling with rival groups in cycle battles. Ultimately, Swift has one purpose: to get her hands on a substance called “Crush.” Crush is a rare and illegal “machine narcotic” that boosts engines. Can Swift take out the competition and keep out of (real) trouble as well? Volumes 1 and 2 are already out, so give it a try.

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