Michael Keaton’s Batsuit from ‘Batman Returns’ Sells Big in Auction

Sometimes people love a book, television show, or a movie so much that they would love to own a part of it. There’s a reason memorabilia sells so well, people could own their very own part of that which they love most. Some get Longclaw from Game of Thrones or even the One True Ring from Lord of the Rings

But have you ever thought about how much money you would spend on a piece of memorabilia? Something that you know came exactly from one of your favorite movies? Well for one Batman fan that question has been answered. Batman-News has reported that the Batman Returns costume was just sold for $41,250. Yes, that is more than $41,000 for the original suit from Batman Returns.


Big Bucks for Batman

batman-returns-batman-michael-keatonThe famous costume was sold on the Nate D. Sanders Auction website with the bidding starting at around $33,000. The lucky winner will receive the costume mounted on its very own Michael Keaton dummy. Whoever it was, if they spent that amount of money they are probably a big Batman fan so we hope they enjoy this addition to their collection.

The suit that Michael Keaton wore in his memorable role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman Returns is 25 years, old but apparently has aged well because it’s still in pretty good condition. The description of the item, from the auction page, is as follows:

“Michael Keaton’s Batsuit from Tim Burton’s hit superhero film Batman Returns, which smashed box office records when it opened in 1992. Body of batsuit is in formed black rubber segments covered by the textured integral cape and cowl style mask, with long black leather gloves, boots and gold plastic belt and bat symbol. Original parts of the costume worn in the film are the cowl, cape and body; the gloves, belt, insignia and shoes are replicas for the display. Costume comes displayed dramatically on a mannequin with chiseled face of Keaton, mounted to a 2′ square gray-white base with BATMAN RETURNS at front center. Batsuit measures 6’5” tall and approximately 27” at the widest point of the cape. Some glue present where cape and cowl meet, overall very good condition.”


Do you think Keaton’s Batman Returns batsuit is worth $41,000? How much do you think you would be willing to pay for an original piece of memorabilia? 

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