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About The Avengers, a friend said, “First time ever I’ve gone to a movie with ridiculously high expectations and not only had them met, but exceeded.” Let me say, that I fully agree with this statement. You see, I saw this movie not because I had read the comics, but as a fan of comic book movies. I knew just enough about the characters from those films to make me care about them and want to see how they all fit together, this group of exceptional people, The Avengers, brought together by Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We are thrown head-first into the action from minute one, where we see the plot begin to take shape. Loki, Norse god and brother of Thor, is back for revenge and the sibling rivalry helps drive the action between these two characters. Loki has rightly gone mad, his thirst for power and the acceptance from Odin that he never received causes him to seek an alliance with beings outside of both Earth and Asgaard. This alliance, coupled with Loki’s hunger for domination, brings the fight onto the doorstep of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But will they actually step up to the plate? What is it that they are fighting for? Each member of the team has to look deep down, and that is an element that Sir Joss Whedon brought to this film. If there is something that Joss Whedon can do, it is create a strong character, and a strong ensemble. He did it with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he did it with Firefly, and he has done it with The Avengers.


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Diehard comic book fans and casual movie-goers alike will not be disappointed with this movie, especially the after-credits scene. As a lover of comic book movies and of Joss Whedon, I was extremely satisfied. The dialogue was purely Joss and quips were delivered by all characters flawlessly. Not only was the dialogue great, the action did not miss a beat. The movie really builds up to an amazing climax and the finale nearly makes your heart stop. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and if your theater was like mine, then everyone was reacting with a mixture of cheering, clapping, guffawing, and even maybe tearing up a little. One of the many things that Joss is good at is playing with my emotions and there was no shortage of that in The Avengers. The dialogue did not seem forced, everything was so natural and the witty banter was so true to form for Joss. You really did not have to have see the other films to get the jokes that were thrown in. I was just amazed at the way Joss was able to use his source material from Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. It was great!


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As for the cast, I think that Tom Hiddleston really outdid himself with his performance as Loki. He is an actor that I have come to greatly admire and his range has been spectacular. It was nice to see all of the familiar faces from other films come together for The Avengers. It was almost surreal to have the entire team together. We have been waiting for five years for this film and it was so amazing to see how everything culminated and to think of where it can all go from here. Mark Ruffalo was outstanding and he played Bruce Banner so well with great depth. Even “The Other Guy” got a great line in there. Chris Evans will always have my heart as Captain America. His character is just so daggone wholesome, I could not stop smiling every time I saw him. Jeremy Renner, whom I have not familiarized myself too much, was highly enjoyable. Heck, the whole cast was great. Major props to Clark Gregg for his performance as Agent Coulson, who has consistently been one of my favorite characters, and actors really, I loved him on the New Adventures of Old Christine.

The only criticism I have of the 3D is the post-production. Honestly, I did not think that the 3D affects added much to the film. I also do not recall Captain Steve Rogers ever saying, “Avengers Assemble!” which I would have loved. So really, the negatives were so inconsequential. I just absolutely loved this movie. I will definitely see it again in theaters, but probably not in 3D, I will stick to 2D from here on out.

Like I said, I am not a huge comic book reader and I have said for a long time that I am going to start reading. However, The Avengers is the first comic book movie that has made me want to run out and get the original comics so I can go back and get myself up to speed. It is that good. Go see it! Now we just have to wait until The Hulk movie comes out (as I understand that Mark Ruffalo has signed a 6 picture deal), Nick Fury’s movie comes out, and we get a Black Widow/Hawkeye origin story. Oh, and Captain America 2, Thor 2, and Iron Man 3… gosh I cannot wait!

5/5 Stars!

This review was originally posted on Kentucky Geek Girl on May 5, 2012.

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