The Mummy Trailer Comes to Life

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. It is the first in a planned cinematic universe featuring Universal’s monsters.

The Mummy Wakes

Given the success of the MCU, shared movie universes are all the rage. Universal is finally moving forward with their long-gestating Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe beginning with The Mummy. Much like the MCU, the UMCU aims to bring all of its major players together via individual movies. The Mummy has been a lucrative property for Universal in the past, so it makes sense that it would be their flagship UMCU movie. The film also appears to be playing to Tom Cruise’s strengths as an action star. Check out the trailer below!



With Dracula: Untold, and I, Frankenstein, the UMCU has had several false starts. Though, the pedigree behind those films was rocky at best. Given the talent in front of and behind the camera for The Mummy, Universal appears to start the UMCU in earnest. Alex Kurtzman is responsible for some of the most successful blockbusters of the 2000’s. However, some claim Tom Cruise isn’t the box office draw that he used to be. But, the Mission:Impossible films do well at the box office, and Edge of Tomorrow found a huge audience on home video. The Mummy could be a highly successful start to the UMCU.

Does Everything Need a Shared Universe?

During their first iterations, the Universal Monsters crossed over several times, meaning a Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe is not without precedent. The updated UMCU promises to be more methodical in its execution, but the core idea remains the same. While the MCU and DCEU are currently the only two shared universes for moviegoers to choose from, several studios have announced plans for a shared universe. Recent advances in technology, and more premium format offerings saw box office numbers trending upwards for the first time in years. Now, the trick is to maintain those numbers. Promising big action movies featuring iconic characters and major seems like the way to go.

The Mummy opens June 9th, 2017.

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