Murloc Soup For the Geek Soul by Mandy Osipenko

One of our very own nerds, Mandy Osipenko  (you may know her as  Little Geek Lost from her website or Cyannide on Twitter), has created a sort of digest for geeks. She’s named it Murloc Soup For the Geek Soul.

murloc soup

Inspired by a post online, I decided to make a book with submissions from other geeks, as well as my own tales, to help inspire geeks to accept who they are and be awesome.

Murloc Soup for the Geek Soul is a book project with the help of others. I am a geek and it took me a long time to admit it to myself. I was inspired by a post on a forum online, about people sharing their stories, so I wanted to put together a book. I collected stories from other geeks, about how they found being a geek in today’s society, going to their first convention, and even dealing with the stereotypes of being a geek girl. I put these together in a book, and included stories of my own for each chapter and topic.

At about 70 or so pages, Murloc Soup makes for a brief read before bedtime, with your morning coffee/tea, or if you’re a klutz like me, while recuperating from a banged up knee, reclining on the sofa, cat nurse at your side.

Mandy has divided the book up into several different themed chapters, with personal comments from the author in between other geeks’ stories. Many of the stories are brief  “a moment in the life of a geek” type tales, like a first con, or a cool interaction with a celebrity in the geek world, but a small few are very personal. The most poignant and personal tale shared is by DrNoesis, who was born (after being a near miscarriage) with a club foot, deaf in one ear, having to wear terrible glasses as a child, eventually diagnosed as high functioning autistic, suffering school bullies, attempting suicide on several occasions, looking like a hobo, and homelessness among other trials. DrNoesis was sustained by his geek fandoms and passions.

The first thing I noticed that almost all the stories had in common, and that I could relate to, is the number of us who at some point in our life spent our lunch hours in school libraries avoiding dealing with classmates who didn’t understand us, and honestly, we probably couldn’t relate to either, as teens.

I wish the author had held out for more inspirational tales of geeks overcoming their darkest hours with their geek loves – computers, games, cons, etc. I am sure the lighter stories told were pivotal moments to those who lived them, but their re-tellings do not capture the fervor of the more intimate accounts. However, my guess is Mandy is working on gathering more accounts from geeks across the webverse for many other projects she’ll have coming up.

You can find Murloc Soup For the Geek Soul on paperpack here for $13.37  and for just the unbelievable price of 99 cents for the ebook here.

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