Music Review – Black Magic Dynamite

BlackMagicDynamite-Comic_Page_01Black Magic Dynamite is a unique experience by Red Hot Rebellion. It’s a comic as well as a 4 song play list to go with it. And they work together really well.

Bio from their website:

They don’t take it easy. They don’t take it too seriously. And they sure as hell aren’t taking it one day at a time. Dayton, Ohio’s Red Hot Rebellion have been trailblazing their kerosene-soaked, hard-hitting party soundtrack since 2010 and they honestly couldn’t give a rat’s ass whether you think it’s punk-ish metal or metal-ish punk, as long as you’re ready to put on your 64-hole dancing boots and kick holes in the walls of whatever venue they deign to destroy in your town. Red Hot Rebellion brings a noise that’s as equally indebted to the Ramones and the Dwarves as it is to anarchic 80s metal acts like Motorhead and M.O.D. Up until now Red Hot Rebellion has been lurking underground like the dudes from C.H.U.D. Now the manhole covers are coming off and the party is spilling out into the streets. You’ve been warned.

The comic follows the band as they fill their boredom with a new arcade game, which soon leads to a night of transforming into monsters and fighting aliens. All with a cool punk style to it.

In the opening of the comic there is a background that is like old school punk music magazines, with a Ramones ad even included, and that’s what the comic reminds me of, old school punk. It looks like it could have been in a music magazine in the 80s or even have been a music video. And that’s where the songs fit in.

Dynamite-Comic_Page_04I listened to the 4 songs while reading the comic and it fit really well. Like a music video movie of sorts. The songs provided the soundtrack for the comic and gave it an extra multimedia edge. I really liked it.

And as for the songs, they have a really good older punk feel to them, without being cheesy. They feel like they could have been taken right out of the 80s. I’m not usually a huge fan of punk/metal but there are bands like the Ramones and Rancid that I like, and these 4 songs fit right in with those.

I think the combo of a comic book with a few songs to go along with it is a really unique idea and a great experience. I loved it. The comic had great graphics and a nice little story and the songs fit right along with it. It went together in a nice little package. Though I’m sure “nice” isn’t a word they would be looking to use.

I fully recommend this comic/music combo. I suggest people check them out at and pick up the comic and songs combo. A new way to experience comics and a great one at that.



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