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About Nayo Cosplay

I’m Nayo Cosplay, 19 yrs old cosplayer from Poland! I started making cosplays in late 2015 and I’m still going like a storm! 😀


Nayo Cosplay - Cosplayer Spotlight
Vanilla (Nekopara), in cat cafe in Warsaw, Cobra

How did you first get into cosplay?

My otaku friend ran to me and showed me that some people make it, so I wanted to start doing it too!

Do you cosplay just for fun or do you see it as a stepping stone to a future career?

Honestly, both. On the one side, I pay much attention to every character I cosplay, but I’m also open for sponsorships and working with some brands.

Do you prefer to make your cosplays from scratch, buy or commission them, or a hybrid?

I usually buy them due to the lack of time. I spend a lot of time studying, so it would be impossible to make everything on my own.

How much time do you spend making each of your cosplays?

It depends if I make it or buy it. If it only needs sewing, probably up to 2 days. Crafting requires more time.

What is your favorite cosplay you have done so far?

I think it would be the default skin for Xayah from League of Legends and Star Guardian Ahri from the same game.

What has been your most memorable experience as a cosplayer?

First con on which I cosplayed and found a group of friends. We spent a whole night together and it was so fun that nobody even needed any sleep.

How do you feel about group cosplays?

I used to like it at the beginning of my journey, but now I honestly hate them. Each time I make something especially for the group it falls apart. I’m not really doing even duos anymore.

What cosplays are you currently working on or plan to finish this year?

A lot. Some of them will be: Star Guardian Xayah (LoL), Texas (Arknights), Yamashiro (Azur Lane), Akagi (Azur Lane), default, and Dynasty Ahri (LoL)

What issues do you see as being the most divisive in the cosplay community and how do you feel about it?

People’s weight and bought cosplays. I’m personally very skinny, so for example, I won’t usually draw any attention from feature pages, because that’s something “usual”. I don’t hate on chubbier cosplayers, they look cute, but that’s making some people salty. Also, an opinion that you MUST do your cosplay alone. Like, why? I’ve seen people sewing their cosplays, but don’t feel into character in any way (for example having double ears when it’s a 100% Neko, etc)

What types of characters or genres inspire your cosplay the most?

I like kemonomimi stuff. Like, if you see any character with ears in the new series – I’m probably gonna cosplay it. Also, vampires, I adore them.

What is your favorite part (researching, shopping for supplies, sewing, photoshoots, attending cons, etc.) of your cosplay process?

Photoshoots. I like spending time and having fun both as a model and a helper. 

What are your best resources for cosplay materials?

No, I don’t sew them that much.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome as a cosplayer? 

The opinion of my surroundings. Now I have plenty of audiences, but back then with no skill and fans I used to be even rejected from the group BCS of a “stupid hobby”.

Have you learned any life lessons during your time as a cosplayer and what are they?  

Yes. It’s not that nice, but not to trust everyone you meet. If you don’t know somebody, don’t tell them anything personal and you will be fine. Also how to avoid creeps.

What is your golden cosplay rule that you would share with new cosplayers?

Don’t do it for likes, do it for yourself. If you like a side character, do them, why not? Because you will get 100 likes, not 500? That’s not something you should follow.

How do you feel the cosplay community has changed over time?

It’s getting saltier about everything. At least here, everyone is looking to make somebody feel bad or laugh behind their backs.

If money and time were not a factor, what is your number one over-ambitious cosplay you want to do?

I don’t really have any, since for me those things aren’t problems. If I want something, I’ll do that.

Do you set a budget for each cosplay?

No, I only look for the quality of things I’m getting. Price doesn’t matter.

What does cosplay mean to you?

That’s my hobby, connected to my interests (makeup, acting). Kind of a way to jump out of reality and become your loved character.

How do you see the cosplay community 10 years from now?

Definitely improving in knowledge about such things like cosplay is not consent, better help with creeps and more friendships.

What is your favorite con to attend?

Probably Animatsuri in Warsaw.

Is there another cosplayer who inspires you or is your role model?

I really love the work of @mikomihokina and Jessica Nigri. I love how much heart they put into every photoshoot and how many ideas they have!

Do you consider yourself an inspiration to other cosplayers?

No, but if they feel inspired, I’m glad they do!

What advice would you give someone about meeting cosplayers and taking their pictures? How do you like to be approached?

ASK, ASK, ASK! Do you want a blurry pic of your waifu? Or do you want your husbando chewing on that juicy burger? No. Of course not, but neither do them! Ask permission to take a picture, to touch, to hug and everyone will be happy!

What is one thing you wish your fans knew about you?

That I care about them. I like to see what they’re up to if they like my content or not. I like staying in touch with them!

Is there anything that would make you stop cosplaying?

It can be only myself. When I feel it’s time, I’ll just do it. But for now, I’m still in~

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