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Nerd Bytes 48 – Turtles, Daryl Dixon’s New Home & More


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Nerd BytesDEADPOOL BYTE: Exactly who doesn’t want to see a Deadpool movie? I definitely want to see one, unless they are using the lame tragically misused Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I know you want to see the Merc With a Mouth too. Here’s how I know you do. Because you told Sean Ward that you want to see a Deadpool movie. The video below is the latest superhero street comedy from The Sean Ward Show. If you’re not familiar with Sean get over to his YouTube channel and check out his other viral hits Spider-Man VS Batman in TorontoSuperhero Street Hockey, and Batman VS Vader. But first check out this effort!




Nerd Bytes

HARLEY QUINN BYTE: Its starting to look like video goodness is the them of this week’s episode of Nerd Bytes. You all okay with that? Of course you are when the videos are this good! How good? Well how about a scene from an upcoming episode of Arrow? I’m not surprised to see Harley considering her connections to Amanda Waller, and the Suicide Squad. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim made it clear in an interview with Collider:

“I want to manage expectations with respect to Harley Quinn.  She was always intended to be an Easter egg.  I don’t want people to go in with incorrect expectations and walk away from Episode 16 disappointed.  But there is an element to the Easter egg that was not spoiled by the promo, that I think people will find a lot of fun.”



Nerd BytesDAREDEVIL BYTE: Netflix has entered the original superhero programming game in a joint effort with Marvel Comics. The first of their offerings will be a Daredevil thirteen episode series. The first name that I have heard bandied about to play the Man Without Fear is Six Feet Under and Dexter star Michael C. Hall. I have no doubt that Hall has the chops to play the blind attorney but Daredevil is an acrobat and ninja. I do not see Hall having that kind of ability. I could be wrong, but he’s never been cast in such a role before. I’d go with more of an unknown like Patrick J. Adams (Suits), Jesse Spencer (Chicago Fire), or even Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries). Marvel has not confirmed Hall as their choice as yet, but if they do I’m sure they will have considered the physical demands. Production on Daredevil is supposed to begin in July for a 2015 airing. te sure if he can pull off the athleticism needed to be Daredevil. It’s not something we have really seen him do so I could be pleasantly surprised.


WALKING DEAD BYTE: They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and ordinarily I would disagree given that I am a writer of words. But, in this particular case I cannot dispute that this picture says it all…

Nerd Bytes

Nerd Bytes


AMAZING SPIDER-BYTE: Let me start by saying that I liked Superior Spider-Man. It was interesting to me, after 30 years of reading about Spider-Man, to see what one of his greatest enemies would do with his powers and responsibilities. Overall I think Doc Ock did pretty well as a scientist. He got Pete his Doctorate, and started a scientific company. Socially he was a hot mess. Creative license was the only thing between Ock and the reality that everyone should have easily seen through this ruse. As a hero he was inconsistent. For every good he did he lessened it with blackmail, ego, and excessive violence. So now it’s time for the return of the real Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. On April 16th the Superior Spider-Man saga wraps up with issue #31 paving the way for the launch of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 on April 30th. The 64-page reboot will be written by Dan Slott, and drawn by Humberto Ramos. The book will feature back-up stories written by Slott & Christos Gage, Peter David, Christopher Yost and Joe Caramagna; and illustrated by Will Sliney, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Ramón Pérez. Welcome back Petey, lets see what you have left of your life, and what you can do to repair the damage. 


Superman Unchained #8 CoverUNCHAINED BYTE: I’m not sure that this is actually news or just confirmation of what we all knew was coming. DC Comics, in a move that surprised no one, informed the comic book world that orders for Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s Superman Unchained #8 and #9, have been cancelled. These were to be the last two issues for the creative team. At first they comic publisher was unsure of the book’s future. It seems that now they are confident that if Snyder and Lee couldn’t sell the book, who could? They did temper the announcement by stating that both issues would be re-solicited at a later date, but I seriously doubt it. What could they possibly do in the final two issues to revive a lame duck series enough to make people buy it? Superman Unchained #7, originally solicited for a February release, currently shows a 5/14/2014 release date at Diamond Comic Distributors. Is anyone at all interested in any of this anymore? (Tap) (Tap) Is this thing even still on? Word of the Nerd’s own Daniel Kalban dug deeper in his article Deja Vu: Delays, Jim Lee, and Fan Rage, check it out.



Hunter, Mulvey, and Okamoto

MOVIE/TV ROUND-UP: Apparently the plan for the still untitled Man of Steel sequel is to have every actor in Hollywood participate. This week Warner Bros. pictures announced three more players were added to the cast. Oscar®-winning actress Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey (300: Rise of an Empire), and Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine) have joined an already packed cast. Director Zack Snyder praised the additions stating, “Holly has always been one of my favorite actresses; she has immense talent and is Johansson as Black Widowalways captivating on-screen. I just had the good fortune to work with Callan on 300: Rise of an Empire and was very impressed with his incredible talent”. The film is set to release on May 6, 2016. Nerd Bytes will let you know as the rest of Hollywood is signed on to the project. In an interview with Moviefone Scarlett Johansson was asked some questions about her character [Black Widow] and her next big appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron. She had this to say;

“I think all of these characters have dark pasts. A lot of us are superheroes that didn’t choose to be. My character is a mercenary to begin with and was sort of put into the Widow program. She’s had a dark past, and she’s just beginning to discover how her past affects her when we see her in ‘Cap 2.’ I think she’s had to dehumanize in a way, obviously, as anyone in that position does just to be able to accomplish the things that she’s had to. But now she’s like, ‘Wow, I actually have nightmares about this stuff.’ She’s starting to realize, ‘Wow, I’m a product of what I’ve done in some way.’ And I think, in ‘Avengers 2,’ it’s about time that our past comes back to haunt us in some way –- all of us, I think, in one way or another.”

Nerd Bytes

Nerd BytesMore news from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. Deadline is reporting that two well-known actors will be voicing the main characters. Johnny Knoxville (Bad Grandpa, Jackass) will provide the voice for team leader Leonardo, and Tony Shalhoub (Monk) will voice-over for Splinter. Danny Woodburn, who once had a guest starring role on Shalhoub’s detective series Monk, is doing the motion capture work in an odd coincidence. It seems that Paramount Pictures guaranteed only physical performances to the actors announced for the Turtle’s roles and will likely be announcing more big names as voices for Raphael, Donatello and Michaelangelo. Nerd Bytes will keep you posted. 20th Century Fox announced another addition to the Josh Trank directed Fantastic Four (2015) reboot. It seems that one of the stranger rumors is false. Dr. Doom will not be a woman. Toby Kebbell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) has taken the role of Dr. Victor von Doom. He joins Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan as the arch-enemy of Marvel Comics’ first family.


Nerd BytesNERDITORIAL: One week ago The Walking Dead wrapped up its fourth season with a cliffhanger season finale that left our heroes reunited as prisoners of a strange community called Terminus. Really, who would think a place called Terminus would be open and welcoming? With only the kidnapped Beth, Tyreese and Carol still free one wonders how our gang is going to get out of this one. Unfortunately we will have to wait until season five, likely in October, to find out. So what do we do with our time now? Well, if Sunday at 9pm is a good time for you just switch channels from AMC to HBO as the fourth season of Game of Thrones starts tonight (4/6/14). There are other shows that you really should be watching Nerd Bytesas well. Person of Interest stars Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) and Michael Emerson (Lost) as heroes saving people from untimely deaths using a machine that predicts such things. It’s a very complicated story line, but each episode is easy to follow. The hook of this show is the acting, each character is a tragic and yet inspiring amalgam who all ended up fighting for right, despite checkered pasts. You shouldn’t be missing it. Justified, the Leonard Elmore inspired U.S. Marshall drama starring Timothy Olyphant. Season five is wrapping up and the Nerd Bytesnext season will be this show’s last sadly. So it’s time to get your binge on and watch those first five remarkable seasons and be ready for what is sure to be some carnage in the final go-’round. There are many good shows on television if you know where to look. Vikings airs on the History Channel, The Americans and Sons of Anarchy (also ending after the next season) are on FX, and Arrow comes to you from the CW. There are even a couple of promising new shows coming out that you might be interested in. AMC television has a new show debuting tonight called TurnThe show is described as; “Set in the summer of 1778, show tells the story of New York farmer, Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who turn the tide in America’s fight for independence”. Fargo, an FX series based on the movie of the same name will depict the activities of, “A drifter named Lorne Malvo as he arrives in small-town Minnesota and influences the population with his malice and violence, including put-upon insurance salesman Lester Nygaard”. Sounds a little close to the original, but it might be good.



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