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Nerd Bytes 6/16/13 – 300, Cobra, Ultron, And Your Dad

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300: Rise of an Empire
300: Rise of an Empire

Movie Byte: Has it really been seven years since Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s 300 retold the legend of King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans in a valiant, but ill-fated, defense of their homeland against the God-King Xerxes and his marauding army? Yes, and it will be one more year before we see how the sacrifice of 300 Greeks affected the war to come. In March of 2014, Zack Snyder’s, 300: Rise of an Empire will finally come to theaters. This time the Athenian Navy led by Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) must ally with rival Sparta to fend off the further incursions of the Persians. Lena Headey (Queen Gorgo) and Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes) reprise their roles from 300, while Eva Green (Artemisia) brings new star power to the long anticipated sequel. Spartans, ready a breakfast and eat hearty, for In March we dine in HELL! Bring a bib, you’re definitely going to need it.



Movie Byte: (by Mandy Osipenko) With the 4th installment of Transformers coming out next summer (2014) it is still a ways before we get to see it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a sneak peek at a couple of the newly released vehicles. One of those vehicles is the Autobot Hound, appearing for the first time in Transformers 4. Hound is a technical specialist, and appears as a tactical vehicle. Not a newcomer to the series, but one who is getting a new design, is Bumblebee. He is keeping his Camaro disguise, but getting an upgrade to an old model. Bumblebee will now be a modified vintage 1967 Camaro SS. Transformers 4 hits theaters June 27, 2014.


Cobra Commander

Cobra Byte: (by Mandy Osipenko) New from Sideshow Collectibles is the Cobra Commander: The Dictator Sixth Scale Figure. He comes in dress uniform with a fabric cape. Also included are two interchangeable heads, one featuring his classic helmet with a chrome visor and one with his masked version. And of course he comes with a Cobra Scepter, Ceremonial Cobra Dagger, Broom Handled Mauser Pistol, and multiple gloved hands for various poses. Cobra Commander: The Dictator Sixth Scale Figure is priced at $174.99 and available for pre-order.


Age of Ultron #10

Marvel Byte: The Age of Ultron  has been wreaking havoc on the Marvel Universe for months now. Brian Michael Bendis has weaved together a story with a terrifying villain, mayhem taking place in several timelines, heroes dropping left and right, and we have yet to even see the antagonist. We’re on the doorstep of the finale, in Age of Ultron #10, and we have yet to catch a glimpse of Ultron himself. What we have seen is some exceptional story telling by Bendis and his cadre of artists including Bryan Hitch, Carlos Pacheco, Brandon Peterson, Alex Maleev, Butch Guice, David Marquez and Joe Quesada. The remaining heroes, of the devastated Marvel Universe, have been too busy messing up various timelines with assassinations and recriminations to have paid much attention to the original threat. Yeah Wolverine, I mean you! Kill Pym, save Pym, kill yourself, your other self, oh boy. Bendis, my brain hurts, tell me how things possibly get back to what passes for normal in the Marvel Universe. Join the conversation on Twitter using #AgeOfUltron, and don’t forget to reserve your copy of Age of Ultron #10 today!


Colm Feore

Spider Byte: The speculation over who Colm Feore (Revolution) will be playing in Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to have been resolved. Even the IMDB entry has been updated to list the actor as Adrian Toomes, The Vulture. So, we have Electro (Jamie Foxx), Rhino (Paul Giamatti), Green Goblin (Chris Cooper) and now the Vulture (Colm Feore). Could it be that they are the first four announced of a star-studded Sinister Six? The original team of arachnophobics was founded by Doctor Octopus, in the comics, but given that we have already seen him, along with the Venom, Lizard, and Sandman, who could be the final two? Shocker and Hobgoblin seem redundant, and many of the members of the Six’s various incarnations seem pointless (Beetle, Hydro-Man, and Hammerhead). In my opinion, that leaves Kraven and Mysterio, both of whom would look great on the big screen. We shall see.



DC Byte: If the onslaught of DC Comic’s villains this fall isn’t enough for you, Brainiac is back. He has been saving and collecting worlds from the mysterious  5th Dimension. But why? Are his motives pure or just another plot against Earth, or worse? A new superhero discovers the truth; how will her startling revelation impact the rest of the DC Universe? This press release reads like a solicitation for a new series. Could it be that DC Comics is ready to feature a villain again. If the enemy of our enemy is our friend, does that mean Brainiac is on our side? I’m intrigued enough to give it a shot if it is a series.


America's Army Comics
America’s Army Comics

Comic Byte: The America’s Army PC Game has been around for over 11 years. The game was designed to “give players the ability to experience Army-influenced training and missions as they learn about the necessity of teamwork and leadership for success.” The game, now in its 3rd generation, has been successful in giving players the chance to see what our real soldiers endure. IDW (Idea and Design Works) has announced that they will team up with the U.S. Army to bring us America’s Army Comics. The series will tell the story of U.S. Soldiers deployed to Czervenia, a tiny foreign nation ruled by President-General Adzic.  His forces have started a campaign of annihilation against the neighboring Republic of the Ostregals. The America’s Army must create new experimental combat teams to defeat the General’s insidious plot. This story of valor will be produced by Michael Barnett, written by M. Zachary Sherman(Shrapnel) and drawn by Scott Brooks.


Hollowland #1
Hollowland #1

Literary Byte: Amanda Hocking, the New York Times bestselling author of the Trylle trilogy, is considered the standard of self-publishing success in the digital age.  After selling over a million copies of her books, primarily in eBook formats , she is announcing that her series The Hollows will get the graphic novel treatment. In the first book, Hollowland, a new pandemic sweeps the globe, and people are turning into mindless zombies. I know, we’ve heard this story before. What makes this one different is the characters. Siblings Remy and Max King, med student Blue Adams, rockstar Lazlo Durante and teenager Harlow Smith are on a journey of danger and self-discovery. The 10 part series is available via comiXology, iVerse, Amazon Kindle, and Dark Horse Digital. Single chapters will only be available digitally, with Chapter 1 (FREE) and Chapter 2 ($1.99) already available. The print graphic novel that will include all 10 chapters, and bonus material, will be published by Dynamite Entertainment later this year. Tony Lee (X-Men Unlimited, Doctor Who) will be doing the writing, and Steve Uy (Avengers Initiative, JSA Classified) will be providing the art. Find out why Amanda Hocking’s work has been so popular in the digital market!

Nerditorial: Those who have found Word of the Nerd, and our hard-working, dedicated writing team, know that we love nerd culture in all it’s forms. You can feel the passion in every article. But, there is something we love more than nerd culture today, and that is our Fathers! To all you Dads out there who sacrificed for your kids, supported their dreams, and made them better people by your example, I say Thank You! My Dad used to call me an “indoor person” when I would lock myself away in my room to write or draw. That room, which he so properly called “The Cave,”  was a world of wonder and imagination for a young nerd. He encouraged and supported my dreaming. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Now, the rest of you get on the phone and call your Dad, or if he has passed, take a minute to tell your kids or wife a story about him. No Dad should be forgotten today!

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