Netflix Deleted Tweet Reveals Black Mirror S5 Info


Any Black Mirror fans here? 

The best kinds of leaks come from the people directly involved in it. Take, for instance, Netflix. With its official account @NXOnNetflix, with 38.2 thousand followers, mishaps are rarely seen. This is not the case for Black Mirror. The Netflix account that concentrates on sci-fi and dystopian shows gave a good deal of info for Black Mirror Season 5. As a matter of fact, not only do fans now know the date of the season premiere, but they also know the first episode title. 

So pay your Netflix bills and prepare soon!

Black Mirror Season 5

Black Mirror (Netflix) logo (lg)
Black Mirror (Netflix)

The British dystopic anthology is set to premiere on December 28. That is the date on the poster that is now nowhere to be seen. In addition to that, we also know the first episode title. For anyone who is an avid gamer, this episode may be the one for you. Black Mirror: “Bandersnatch” is the first episode, one that basically set Twitter on fire with theories on what it can be. Well, the fan side, of course.

Theories and Interpretations

As usual, episode titles are vague and therefore challenging. With “Bandersnatch” as the first episode, TV Guide has a theory of geeks being locked in to try to create something from that era. Now, that may be a common idea, being inside computer games and all. However, this is Black Mirror, a dystopic sci-fi dark-themed series. It will surely boggle your mind. Other than that, there’s also this interpretation circulating on how “Bandersnatch” is connected to Season 3 episode “Playtest.” The word “Bandersnatch” is on the cover of a magazine.

Coincidence or intentional?

With the tweet not online, there is no update on whether or not this will change plans. Till then, be patient and binge-watch while on break. 


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