Netflix Hits a Homerun with Daredevil

set_daredevil_netflix_640Admittedly I had low to no expectations of the show before it aired last weekend on Netflix. I actually forgot that the show was even in production until I saw the banner for it one day when I logged in to Netflix.

I have never been the biggest fan of Matt Murdock or his alter ego. Not that I think his skill set is boring or anything but in a world where gods battle aliens, with a man in a flying iron suit of his own design, a genius who turns into a hulking green monster, and a Boy Scout from the greatest generation fight side by side–a blind man doing parkour seems mundane.

You would think that there would not be space for such a low-level hero in a city protected by the Avengers but not every problem is a nail. There are situations that the Avengers just are not equipped to handle, and that is where Daredevil comes in.

Early in the series despite my best efforts I compared each actor against their counter parts in the 2003 movie. And across the board with the exception of Fisk, the Netflix series did an amazing job with finding the perfect actors for each role. Charlie Cox as Murdock straddled the line of cheek pinchingly cute and badass, while Deborah Ann Woll was just so earnest. I get what D’Onofrio was going for in the role but there is something not scary about an overgrown man-child with anger and control issues. Yes he was disturbing but it was not behavior becoming of a Kingpin. But everyone needs a friend like Elden Henson’s Foggy (which I’m lucky enough to say that I do).

The show itself was captivating and did a great job of standing on its own. So much so that I at times forgot that they were living in the Marvel MCU until they would reference it. To me that is a sign that the series is successful. The characters were rich and the story moved at a good pace and I was left wanting to know what was next at the end of each episode and was happy that I did not have to wait a week for more. However I am now sad that I have to wait a year for new episodes.

Daredevil_RedSuit1The fight choreography captivated me, as good choreography of any kind should. It was beautiful and kept me more than entertained. The one-shot nature of the scenes add to their drama and made them more realistic. On the other hand some of the other shot choices were distracting. Too many times was I made to feel that Karen and Ben were being watched or getting close to being found out when instead it was nothing more than the director’s decision to shoot them from the space between a chain link fence or a dumpster.

I thought that I could not have been more impressed with the show or the respect with which the team treated the reference material (I’m still surprised that comic book shows and movies are being taken seriously as a genre) but I was wrong. It was recently announced that Daredevil will be made available to the visually impaired. Netflix has released audio descriptions of each episode of Daredevil in which every aspect of each episode is described in between the dialogue. Matt Murdock would be proud.

At the end of the nearly thirteen straight hours of Daredeviling I was left with a few thoughts:
• When will I get to see more?
• How is Karen’s waist so tiny and why is the fact that Deborah Ann Woll’s hair is no longer red so darn distracting to me?
• Can I hang out with drunk Foggy?
• I miss Hell’s Kitchen (I spent a lot of time walking through the very small neighborhood when I was in college).
• Sometimes it sucks knowing the real place used as the backdrop of a fictional story.
• Should I be reading Daredevil?
• Charlie Cox for Batman.

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