Netflix Is Developing A Live Action Legend Of Zelda TV Series

The Legend of Zelda may be coming to your home one day as a live action television show on Netflix.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news that Netflix and Nintendo are on board to bring the most popular game series of all time into a brand new medium.  Though representatives from Netflix and Nintendo have yet to comment, writers at /Film claim to have gotten confirmation, and that Netflix is actively seeking writers for what is to be “A more family oriented Game of Thrones“.  Don’t hold your breath though, The Legend of Zelda will surely be watched over by Nintendo, and one hint of a treatment like the Super Mario Bros. movie could turn all of this into an elaborate intellectual exercise.

The story is simple, and well-known to young and old alike.  We all know about how a simple boy named Link goes upon an epic journey to become a great champion and save a princess named Zelda.  His path takes him upon a journey to learn about the mysterious Triforce, he gains the use of ancient and powerful weapons, and he eventually fights to vanquish the evil Ganon.


The story is so familiar because it began in 1986, and some iteration of that story has continued on till today, with the release of a new Majora’s Mask released for the 3DS.  As far as properties go, The Legend of Zelda should be a no-brainer.  Add to that the amount of love that media giant Netflix is racking up with its original series, bringing back beloved cancelled shows, and also it’s shoehorn into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the release of a Legend of Zelda television series should be an Event – note the capital ‘E’.

Two things going against it;  video games made into movies have been pretty consistently terrible, and the fact that Link and Zelda are arguably Nintendo’s biggest cash cows.  I am a pretty gentle reviewer, and I’d be very hard pressed to find much good to say about any video game movie.  Couple that with the fact that kind of bad press could lash back to a negative influence upon Nintendo’s ability to make money off a franchise, of which much consists of rehashing and updating old titles which is cheaper and more profitable than coming up with something new, a live action Link may never see the light… and at the current stage of this game, Nintendo can drop support in an instant.

On the other hand, this could prove to be the exception… or perhaps a new rule entirely.  These are games that have decent stories, but more importantly, they have characters that gamers actually care about.  Their story has also been evolving and growing for decades now, enough so that even the casual gamer can identify when the new titles come out.  Netflix production strategy has also been pretty consistent about putting time and money into the things that artists and viewers feel passionate about, which is a definite step above the flash and bang Hollywood style of using statistically good names and statistically good concepts without worrying if those statistics make any sense when put together.

What do you think?  Should we be getting our hopes up about being able to watch a rich and detailed live action Legend of Zelda on Netflix?

Imagi Animation Studios for a Legend of Zelda movie>



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