Netflix Lands Neil Gaiman’s Sandman


Neil Gaiman and David Goyer Are Teaming Up 


Yes, you read that right! Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is heading to Netflix. And he’ll be working with the network for the adaptation. They clearly learned from Amazon’s success with Good Omens.


Sandman is a hit graphic novel series from the mind of Neil Gaiman. It is quite possibly his best-known work, which is saying something. The series follows Morpheus, the Dream of the Endless. He’s one of seven. Death, Destiny, Destruction, Despair, Desire, and Delirium are all his siblings.

Dream is freed from captivity, to find his kingdom has fallen to ruins. What would you do, in order to pick up the pieces?

The series is long enough where no brief description will do it justice, so if you want to learn more, we suggest checking it out!

The Anticipation

Fans have been begging for an adaptation for Sandman for years. Literally. However, it just never seemed to work out. Which is probably for the best. Even Neil Gaiman himself said he’d rather see it never happen than see it done wrong.

There have been multiple attempts made for an adaptation. Which makes sense, considering how much the fans have asked for it. But every time it has fallen through. One can only hope that it’ll work out this time.

The Adaptation

Image Courtesy of DC Comics

In a way, it makes sense that Netflix is the one to land the deal. After all, they have Lucifer. He’s a character from the Sandman universe. So it all sort of makes sense. And hopefully, that means that they’ll be loyal to the core material.

Netflix and Warner Brothers have officially signed the deal, and we couldn’t be more excited about that news. The plan is to turn the series into a Netflix series – as opposed to a movie. That makes sense, considering just how much source material we’re dealing with here.

Neil Gaiman and David Goyer are set to be the executive producers. And we couldn’t be more excited by that fact. Neil Gaiman is the creator for the series and was at the helm for Good Omens’ adaption as well.

Meanwhile, Allan Heinberg is the writer and showrunner for the newly signed series. That’s about all we know right now. Though rumor has it that this is going to be one of their most expensive TV sets to date.

So what do we think, are we looking forward to whats to come?

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