Netflix’s Watership Down Releases Its First Trailer

Netflix’s Watership Down Releases Its First Trailer

We’ve been hearing about the latest adaptation of Watership Down for months—but now it’s time to finally see it with our own eyes. The first trailer is out, and it’s looking beautiful!

The Novel

Watership Down (Richard Adams) book cover
Watership Down – this is the edition a lot of us read back in the day

Watership Down was originally a novel written by Richard Adams. Through the years it has been adapted many times, both into plays and movies. The novel follows a group of bunnies on their adventures. They’re courageous and determined to survive, which turns out to be fortunate for them. Or unfortunate, depending on how you want to look at it.

The rabbits leave their home of Sandleford Warren in hopes of finding a new home with plenty of space and food for all. Along the way, they come up against many predators and other adversaries, but nothing seems to deter them from their goal.

Previous Adaptations

Watership Down has seen countless adaptations. The adaptation that most fans probably think of—thanks to the childhood trauma of parents thinking it was a movie safe for kids—is likely the 1978 film. There are other versions as well, but that one is the most famous/infamous example. Many parents were surprised by the heavy themes and rabbit violence that occurred within.

The Trailer


This one trailer has already made it clear that it is going to be an absolutely beautiful movie. They truly did manage to capture the beauty of the fabled lands the rabbits seek—thus explaining why they’d be so willing to risk it all for a new home. It also did a decent job of showing us the threats that they’ll be facing—hopefully that means there will be less surprised parents and traumatized kids this time around. Just lots of traumatized adults.

You can see the effort they put into getting the right cast for the voice actors. There is so much passion and emotion in all the voices. In a CGI movie like this, the voice acting is pivotal, so it is a relief to see that they’ve taken it seriously. 


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