New Dark Phoenix Trailer Lands


New Dark Phoenix Trailer

The Dark Phoenix movie is still set to premiere June 7 of this year. It looks like it will be the last hurrah for Fox’s version of X-Men and other Marvel Mutants on the big screen. Well, I guess depending on what happens with the New Mutants movie? Anyway, we get another glimpse into Jean Grey’s transformation into the Dark Phoenix and her laying waste to the Merry Mutants. Check out the trailer below.

Phoenix Saga

We get a few new looks into the movie. Mostly, what brings the X-Men into space and the Phoenix Force slowly taking over Jean. Like most every X-Men movie, Magneto seems to be playing another big role in the film, as he wants to stop Jean. I am guessing that does not go well for him, by the looks of it.

It will be interesting to see what Dark Phoenix pulls from the comic book storyline. I mean, if the Shi’ar Imperial Guard shows up that would be pretty cool! But I doubt that is going to happen. Well, this is Fox’s X-Men’s “last stand” before they get “dusted”; I guess they may just do whatever they want to do.


So the X-Men and Mutants are essentially gone after Dark Phoenix, as Fox’s Mutant television show The Gifted has been canceled (sadly, as it was pretty good) and, I mean, I guess New Mutants is still a thing? That is, until they are brought into the MCU, which Feige notes probably won’t be for a few years at least.

Are you excited for Dark Phoenix? What do you think of the trailer? Who do you want to show up or what plot lines from the comics do you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

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