New Details Revealed About Legion Series

The upcoming FX show Legion revealed a number of details about its first season at New York Comic Con, according to Deadline. Among these details is the reveal of the addition of Jemaine Clement as a currently unknown recurring cast member in the show’s first season. About half of the pilot episode was also played at the Legion panel; they likely only showed half of the episode to preserve some reveals for when the episode initially airs next year. 

If you haven’t watched the Legion trailer, you can watch it below:



About Legion:

Legion follows David Hallar (Dan Stevens) as he copes with both his powers and his mental illness. According to government officials shown in the pilot, it is likely that Hallar is one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe. Unfortunately for him, he has gone through a not insignificant amount of trauma in his life, which has led him to be held in a government facility that used to be a high school (it’s not clear how old Hallar is supposed to be). Optimistically, Legion will deal with issues of mental health carefully and respectfully, since it seems to have centered their show around a character who has significant mental health issues. Deadline’s description of the pilot is not clear enough to indicate whether the show has actually achieved a caring attitude during said episode.

Since David Hallar (also known as Legion) is a mutant and member of the X-Men in the comics and FX is owned by 20th Century Fox, Legion is in the X-Men universe, but it is not yet known if the televison show will cross over with the film franchise in any way.

Word of the Nerd will report more about Legion and other upcoming nerdy televison shows as more news becomes available. As of now, Legion is set to premiere on FX sometime in 2017, but it is not currently known when in the year this show will premiere. 

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