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Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game




Reinvention and reincarnation reign supreme in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) this February, as the past is forged anew with three new releases! Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KONAMI) is excited to deliver the first 100-card booster set of 2019 bringing Synchro Summoning to the VRAINS era.  Savage Strike unleashes one of the most popular Summoning mechanics of all time into the VRAINS and brings new powers to the fan-favorite Valkyrie, Neo Space, and Shiranui strategies! 

Structure Deck - Soulburner
Structure Deck – Soulburner

Then the first Structure Deck of the new year arrives in a blaze of glory with Structure Deck: Soulburner, and Duelists get a new chance to showcase their favorite cards and most competitive Decks with the Golden Duelist Collection of Dueling accessories. It’s a slam-packed February in the world of Dueling, and winter is only heating up.

Kicking off on February 1, the Savage Strike booster set brings Synchro Summoning to the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS generation, unleashing unbelievable monsters that demolish the landscape of any Duel. Cyberse Quantum Dragon is an incredible Level 7 Synchro that shields your monsters from attacks and card effects, bouncing anything it attacks off of the field and making a second attack to push the hurt.  Borreload Savage Dragon is a Level 8 Synchro that equips a Link Monster from your Graveyard when it’s Synchro Summoned – starting with 3000 ATK, the newest version of Borreload Dragon gains Attack Points equal to half the ATK of the Link Monster it carries, and it negates a number of cards and effects equal to that monster’s Link Rating! Both behemoths demand nothing but a Tuner Monster and one or more non-Tuner Monsters so they fit any Synchro strategy.

Savage Striker booster
Savage Striker booster

Structure Deck: Soulburner is available February 15. Each box contains a Beginner’s Guide and a Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide, with a 40-card Main Deck and a 6-card Extra Deck for a total of 46 cards: 39 Commons, 4 Super Rares, and 3 Ultra Rares. MSRP: $9.99 per Box.

Protect and display your favorite cards with accessories that showcase some of Dueling’s most iconic cards with the Golden Duelist Collection. From Dark Magician Girl, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Exodia the Forbidden One, to Rescue Cat, Black Rose Dragon and El Shaddoll Construct, the Golden Duelist Collection draws together dozens of fan-favorite Monsters, Spells and Traps in a rich black and gold motif punctuated by a timeless image of Yugi and the Dark Magician.

Golden Duelist Collection Card Case
Golden Duelist Collection Card Case

Keep your Deck safe on the go with the Golden Duelist Collection Card Case, featuring an exclusive glittering foil unique to the Collection. Show off your trades with the Golden Duelist Collection Duelist Portfolio featuring the same foil finish, and hit the table with the Golden Duelist Collection Game Mat and Golden Duelist Card Sleeves to match. The stylish black and gold motif runs through all four accessories, lending a touch of luxury to your Dueling that even Kaiba would approve of.

Golden Duelist Collection Game Mat
Golden Duelist Collection Game Mat

The Golden Duelist Collection arrives on February 15. The Golden Duelist Collection Card Case fits 70 sleeved cards, and includes a special divider to keep your Main, Side, and Extra Deck organized. MSRP: $4.99 per Card Case. The Golden Duelist Collection Duelist Portfolio includes 10 pages with 9 card pockets per page, displaying up to 180 cards. MSRP: $9.99 per Portfolio. The Golden Duelist Collection Game Mat is made of a rubber material and is the same size as Game Mats used for prizing in Konami sanctioned events. MSRP: $14.99 per Game Mat. Each pack of Golden Duelist Collection Card Sleeves contains 50 sleeves designed to meet tournament regulation standards. MSRP: $3.99 per Pack.

Golden Duelist Collection Portfolio
Golden Duelist Collection Portfolio

Every Saturday and Sunday, Duelists can now watch a new episode of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, on Teletoon in Canada – check local listings for times. Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS is available subtitled on Crunchyroll and will be simulcast with a new episode available one hour after it is broadcast in Japan, at 6:25AM EST (Simulcast currently available in the US and Latin America). Watch here:!

Golden Duelist Collection Card Sleeves
Golden Duelist Collection Card Sleeves

Additionally, Duelists can watch a new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V every Saturday on Nicktoons – check local listings for times. In addition, all-new Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes every Tuesday as well as all of classic Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s can be seen on in the United States. In Canada, Duelists can watch episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V every Friday and Saturday on Teletoon! For more information on KONAMI or the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, please visit or call 310-220-8630 to speak directly with a Yu-Gi-Oh! customer support team member.

About The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game is the #1 trading card game in the world with over 25 billion cards sold. It is a game of strategy, where players create individual Decks of cards collected from Structure Decks and Booster Packs. Two players engage in a Duel while using cards that represent powerful monsters, magical Spells and surprising Traps. Duelists with well-constructed Decks, dominating monsters, solid strategy and good fortune are the victors in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is the exclusive licensee and rights holder to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG in North America and Latin America.

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