A New Hope for an Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie

When Disney/Lucasfilm announced the Star Wars spinoffs, nearly everyone pointed out that one man would be the best person for the job: Obi-Wan Kenobi. But a year after the announcement, we’re still waiting to find out if Obi-Wan spinoffs will exist.

There’s no logical reason for the news not to have dropped yet. Fans want this to happen, Ewan McGregor wants this to happen, so what’s the deal?

obi-wan kenobiWell, Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican has a possible answer. He says Lucasfilm isn’t finished with Obi-Wan in the Saga films, possibly beyond Episode IX.

This is great news – unless you consider the YEARS before this potential movie sees the light of day – because Obi-Wan is quite arguably the best character in the Star Wars Saga, and there’s a lot that could be done with his character.

Obi-Wan: A Better Anakin than Anakin

In the Star Wars novel Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force, we learn how Obi-Wan came to be Qui-Gon Jinn’s apprentice. The story, much like The Force Awakens and A New Hope, shares a distinct similarity with another Star Wars story: The Phantom Menace.

The book reveals that the future Jedi struggled to become a Padawan. At age 12, he was considered too old, too undisciplined, and too dangerous. Sound like anyone else we know?

But unlike Anakin, Obi-Wan didn’t turn to the Dark Side. He learned to live with and manage his pain. Even if the movie doesn’t cover this chapter in the Jedi’s life, he could perhaps encourage other people to stay with the Light.

Obi Wan is Everything You Wish You Could Be

Everyone knows the Jedi are awesome, but Obi-Wan has to be one of the best. He’s loyal, kind, patient, and smart. He’s been through battle after battle and come out unscathed. In the main battle we’ve seen in the films where he doesn’t make it out, he straight up tells Darth Vader that even though he may kill him, he’ll never win.

Basically, Obi-Wan is incredibly cool, and much like the Han Solo and Lando Calrissian movie, he would bring an entertaining story to the Star Wars world. As we learned from The Clone Wars TV series, there’s a lot we never saw him do, so it’s only fair we give him a chance.

Force Ghost Obi-Wan?

If Breznican is right and a movie with Obi-Wan takes place after Episode IX, what kind of plotline would he have? After all, The Force Awakens takes place years after A New Hope, and he dies in that movie. How would they re-incorporate him into the Saga?

Breznican speculates that Obi-Wan could interact with characters he might share a connection with, such as a potential familial connection to Rey. But would he have real scenes or only cameos? It would be cool to see how innovative Star Wars could get with Obi-Wan only existing as a force ghost, but he could very well appear in flashbacks instead.

However, they may choose to incorporate him, it would have to be better than the two seconds of him speaking we got in The Force Awakens, right?

Obi-Wan as Impetus for the Saga

Let’s face it. There never would have been a Star Wars Saga if not for Obi-Wan. This is for both good reasons – Bail Organa and his daughter need his help to destroy the Death Star – and not so good reasons – he’s kind of the reason the Death Star exists in the first place.

While now-hermit Ben Kenobi could have very easily stayed in his cave on Tatooine, he instead chooses to reenter the fight against the Empire, even at great risk to himself. Remember: one of the reasons he was living in the cave was because all Jedi had been eradicated.

If Ben hadn’t decided to help, it’s hard to say what would have happened, but more likely than not, the Death Star would never have been destroyed.

It would be neat if Breznican’s theory were correct here, as it would tie all of the movies together neatly. Is it really Star Wars if Obi-Wan isn’t motivating the story?

The Future for Obi-Wan

At this point, it’s impossible to tell if an Obi-Wan movie will really happen in the future or even if the character will make an appearance in any remaining Saga films.

But maybe if we keep demanding it, it’ll happen. After all, he’s our only hope.

About the author

Kali O’Rourke

watches more television than anyone she's ever met. Luckily, this has so far served her well in her dream of becoming a television writer. In addition to showing off her knowledge of movie and TV trivia, she enjoys reading, listening to show tunes, and counting down to next Halloween.

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