New Lion King Trailer Premieres

Lion King Roars Again

The Lion King is coming back to theaters this year. No, it’s not an anniversary re-release of the hit 1994 animated film; it’s a “live action” remake. A teaser trailer late last year whetted lion-sized appetites for more, and this week, Disney served it up. On Wednesday, Disney released a brand new trailer for The Lion King.

It appears to be a very—almost slavishly—faithful remake of the animated film. Multiple shots in the trailer could have been lifted straight from the original film. Shots like that, and the good fortune that James Earl Jones is still around to reprise his role as Mufasa, will definitely trigger nostalgia for older fans. However, will that be enough for the film to succeed on its own?

Trouble at Pride Rock?

This is admittedly subjective, but nostalgia won’t be enough for this to be a winner for Disney. After all, their track record for their live-action remakes has been mixed so far. Their most recent offering, Dumbo, plummeted with critics and at the box office. This Lion King might suffer additional issues. The CGI animals still look more out of a video game than their natural equivalent. The various shades of tan seen in the film tend to blend in with each other, making it hard to see. Scar just looks like a thin, sickly lion and doesn’t really stand out compared to his animated counterpart. It is early days yet, but the filmmakers need to make things stand out more. While this could be another hit for the Mouse House, there are just some things that just look better in animation. 

The Lion King, helmed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau, is set to premiere July 19th, 2019. Coming up before that is the live-action remake of Aladdin

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