New Overwatch Hero Orisa is Live on the PTR

Overwatch hero number 24 has officially been announced. In a developer update on YouTube today from the Overwatch team, Orisa was introduced. Piggybacking on the recent interview with Numbani resident and young scientist Efi Oldele, the developer update gives us an explanation of how the omnic Orisa came to be. If you’ve logged into Overwatch since the latest updates on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, you may have noticed the Numbani looks a bit different, particularly the airport spawn point. Damage, including a destroyed OR15 have been added to the map. Many fans may have hoped this was pointing at the long suspected release of Doomfist, however, he is just part of the story of Odele’s creation. 

As Kaplan explains in the update, Orisa is an omnic that was created out of the ashes of the OR14 (and later OR15s) of the Omnic Crisis. Where others saw ominics incapable of serving their purpose of protecting the city of Numbani (2:41), Efi saw potential.

While Efi admits that Orisa has some kinks to work out, she feels confident in the omnic’s ability to function in ways the OR15 could not. Interestingly, Kaplan notes (3:28) that Orisa is new to the world of Overwatch in terms of her abilities, skills, and impact where as the other heroes have some sort of backstory within the Overwatch universe. 

Numbani Overwatch Orisa
via BlizzardWatch

Orisa’s Role and Abilities

At 3:58, Kaplan explains how Orisa works. Her abilities are as follows.

Tank Hero 

Primary Weapon – Fusion Driver (4:11)

Kaplan notes Orisa has the best range of a tank, comparable to Zarya’s Particle Grenade.

Her alternate fire is a two part system that pulls enemies into a sort of “mini graviton surge” as Kaplan describes it. (5:05). 

Happy that Roadhog hook is here? Don’t get too excited. Kaplan notes at 5:33 that Orisa’s alternate fire can pull enemies from around corners.

Fortify — 5:44

This ability strengthens Orisa while also making her venerable to crowd control abilities. 

Protective Barrier (6:28)  

 A shield-like barrier that Kaplan notes is about half the size of Winston’s bubble barrier, but it can be placed close or at range. This sounds a bit like a mashup of Winston’s bubble with Symmetra’s barrier (except not on a fixed track).

Supercharger (Ultimate Ability) 7:25 

Imagine Lucio’s Sound Barrier on steroids. For this ability, Orisa slams a drum-like object on the ground, which Kaplan notes acts as a damage boost for allies within range. However, like Symmetra’s Shield Generator, the Supercharger can be destroyed by the enemy team. 

Why They Made Another Tank (8:17)

According to Kaplan, Reinhardt was a big motivation for Orisa’s development. They wanted more options for tanks like Reinhardt that can provide a more traditional protective tank role. 

Overall, Orisa seems like a great blend of several hero abilities we currently have. She’s strong like Reinhardt and can protect her team, yet she’s self-sufficient and has great crowd control like Roadhog and Zarya respectively. 

Additionally, props to the Overwatch Dev team for designing Orisa as a grand scale hero in response to player complaints that many female heroes were too lithe compared to their male counterparts. 

Currently, Orisa is live on the Overwatch public PTR, meaning console players will have to wait until her official live release to use her in game. 

Additionally, Orisa’s Origin Story was released on the Overwatch YouTube channel. Check it out below:

What are your thoughts on Orisa? Are you still hoping for Doomfist? What hero type do you think would be the best for the 25th Overwatch hero? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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