New Player Is Paving The Way In Starcraft

The New Sheriff

A new player is paving the way in the StarCraft tournament circuit.  If you follow the eSports circuit, you may know that the StarCraft regime is dominated by Koreans.  They love this game.  Even the non-pro’s dominate the online universe of StarCraft.  It’s the number one reason I don’t pay the game online, I know when it’s time to cash out and leave the table.  Most players from anywhere else in the world have the same feeling.

Well, there’s a new sheriff in town and her name is Scarlett.  Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn is a 20-year-old woman that is making some changes to the law of the StarCraft universe.  This young lady started causing waves in 2012 at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.  Picture the scene.  A bunch of pros waiting to eliminate one another.  Steely looks all around as hats are drawn low.  Hootin’ and hollerin’ as knives fly around the room, the pianist plays a lively tune to stay under the radar of these criminals.  Suddenly, a new face walks through the door.  Standing there briefly as the light shows only the silhouette if the individual.  It’s clearly a woman, she walks to the barkeep…

Ok, so maybe it didn’t happen that way, but it should have.  She showed up to the tourney and created a bit of an upset when this unknown body beat the crap out of some high ranking pros.  Who was this mystery woman and what the hell was happening to the cosmos?!  It’s not that she was just a girl, but also not Korean.  At all!  She had just stepped into a proverbial “mans world” and stole their manhood from them in a swarm of destruction.  After the smoke cleared, the writing was on the wall.  A new sheriff was in town and everyone needed to step up their game or size up for a coffin.

The Sheriff at Work
Casual Destruction

Her reputation has earned her such nicknames as “Korean Kryptonite” and “Queen of Blades.”  Far better than any nickname I ever had growing up.  She received a lot of positive acclaim, but every hero has their enemies.  In Scarlett’s case, the enemies are those that attack her gender identity.  She is transgendered and sadly a lot of people attack her because of it.  I’m not going to get preachy, but it’s just wrong of players to do this.  No person is above another and it doesn’t speak to an individuals skills.  She see’s it the same way and illustrated this in a written response about her gender identity to The Daily Dot:  ““I have always tried to make it a complete non-issue and including this [in my player page] is subverting that and akin to mentioning someone is the best gay/black/etc player; something that has absolutely no relevance on how they play.”

She has also ignited a rivalry with the highest paid player in the biz, Jaedong.  Also, took 3rd place in the Red Bull Battle Grounds after a brutal match against the best player in the world, Bomber.  She definitely has some chops and stands out among the non-Korean players.  This is big for the eSports world and I, for one, think it’s great!  We need more players like this young lady and I look forward to seeing where her career goes.

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