New Shazam Teaser Hits The Net

Shazam Is the Magic Word

Shazam is the next highly anticipated installment for DC’s film universe. A trailer for the film debuted at last year’s SDCC, with an edited edition attached to Aquaman. The edited edition seemed to cut much of the humor found in the initial SDCC trailer. Given that Shazam is about a kid given powers, taking out the humor looked like an overreaction to some internet pundits.

However, a new teaser trailer hit the web over the weekend, containing mostly new footage. It seems David Sandberg’s film will retain plenty of humor and heart.

“Billy Batson, Say My Name!”


The new trailer opens with the Wizard (Djimon Hounsou) bringing Billy Batson (Asher Angel) into this new world. The Rock of Eternity set also debuts the statues of the Seven Deadly Sins for the first time. The crescendo of this culminates in Billy leaping off a roof, screaming “Shazam!”, and transforming into the titular hero (Zachary Levi). And after some generic hero action shots, we get…a LOT of humor. And good humor, too. Levi delivers his line (a request for beer) so wonderfully earnestly, with a mild hint of cheese. Another great moment at the end has Shazam and Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) trying to deal with a skeptical real estate agent in the hunt for the lair.

Interspersed between these are some great heroic action shots, along with some tone-setting images. Most dramatic of all is Shazam fighting the evil Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong), who has somehow gained powers. Their fight looks somewhat inspired by Man of Steel, though hopefully with less property damage.

Big Red Cheese Versus Cynics

What Shazam appears to be doing is embracing the fun, zaniness, and humor inherent in comics and in Shazam (aka Captain Marvel) comics in particular. It may, however, have a hard time convincing Zack Snyder diehards to see it. Many of them have pilloried the film online for its humor. However, they seem to forget something: Shazam has always been written to be fun adventures for kids. Not only kids, but for adults who never have lost their sense of wonder. The heart and humor, delivered by Levi and the kids in the cast, shows that DC is finally moving away from doom and gloom. Instead, they’re moving towards the heart of the comics. Not to mention, away from every film having to tie into a master plot.

Shazam premieres on April 4th.

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