New Showrunner Could Mean A Supernatural Season 10

Back in April, it was announced that former Supernatural writer and producer, Jeremy Carver, was coming back in to take over as showrunner to replace Sera Gamble for season 8.  Gamble had replaced the show’s original creator, Eric Kripke, after season five.  Happily, all these changes seem to be self-initiated and not forced upon the show and its staff by the network.

Jeremy Carver joined his Supernatural family for an appearance at Comic-Con and admitted something that now has us Supernatural fans kind of excited.  Granted, also a few of us are a tad bit afraid too.  Carver shared that in his office he has a note card with the words “The end of season 10” written on it.

Judging from social media sites and message boards, fans of the show seem to agree that season seven has been the weakest to date.  Kripke created the show with a five-season arc in mind. When that played out, he stepped down to focus on other projects and Gamble took the reigns.  During Gamble’s two seasons, the show has removed aspects of the series the fans love-  the brothers have spent too much time apart, too much time fighting, the classic rock is missing, and worst of all to this writer, Metallicar was missing.  We’ve even lost two characters held nearest and dearest to the boys and viewers. Seasons 6 and 7 have put fans through the ringer and Sam and Dean too.  We need some laughs, we need a classic car, and we need some AC/DC! Heck, we need a monster of the week with no strings attached to a story arc.  We know the boys are way too damaged to go back to just being hunters, but I think going to hell, purgatory, losing your entire family, and dying on multiple occasions is enough. I hope Carver brings them both some light.

In interviews, Carver has said season 8 will start with a new, but complicated dynamic between the Winchesters and they will be united quickly since fans do not like them apart for long.  Thankfully, he also acknowledges the show has had some missteps along the last few years.  He also states that he may have three more seasons plotted out, but it is all about keeping the actors excited enough to stay on for a few more years.

These guys have played their roles in every which way, right? You want to give them challenging, human, fun scenes.

The first rule is: You want to write parts that every actor would love to play. Hopefully that goes for the leads as well as the guest roles we have coming in. I think they are obviously more than savvy to recognize a good story is a good story and they’ll get on board.

Carver is responsible for writing some of the fan favorite Supernatural episodes like “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “Mystery Spot,” “In the Beginning,” and “Changing Channels” to name a few.  His episodes strike the perfect balance between the fun, the creepy, and the simultaneously protective/destructive bond of the Winchester brothers.  He is capable of turning the most ridiculous and worrisome sounding plot into an earnest emotional tale that strengthens the main story arc.  He also has brought a version of Being Human to the Syfy channel that is arguably superior to the original UK version. So while I am worried the show will not end on a high note, I have some faith that, with Carver, it is possible we might not have seen the best of Supernatural yet and season 10 could be the highest note of all.

Note- Supernatural has also been moved to a Wednesday time slot for the 2012-2013 season.

So are you a fan of Supernatural? What did you think of season 6 and 7? Do you think the show has three more seasons in it?

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