New Skyfall International Trailer

A new international trailer for Skyfall has hit the internet and it reveals quite a lot about the story line – Bond is back in action, but not only in a new film, he is back after death.

The story seems to revolve around M (JudI Dench) loosing a hard drive full of the identities of embedded spies and from here the plot thickens.

We get a montage of Bond (Daniel Graig) being shot, by order of M no less. He doesn’t actually die though, just goes off to enjoy retirement. But when things start to go really wrong for MI6, he returns just in time to save the day.

The trailer gives is the first look at Q (Ben Whishaw) who was particularly good in a BBC2 program called The Hour, and should turn out to be a fine addition to the film.

We also get quite a few glimpses at Javier Bardem, playing the villain, Silva. It seems that once again the franchise will follow along the line of Bond having many encounters with the man. Silva looks like one of his most deadly opponents to date though, especially of the Craig era.

Along with that, we get a sizable chunk of the train-top set piece, which may turn out to be one of the biggest set pieces of the film, MI6 exploding, some sex in a shower, and some witty dialog.

Bond: “Everybody needs a hobby.”

Silva: “So what’s yours?”

Bond: “Resurrection.”

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