New Stranger Things Clip has Billy Tantalizing the Ladies


Billy Goes Poolside in Stranger Things Season 3 Clip


Stranger Things Season 3 is going all in with its summer setting. If you haven’t check out the awesome trailer for season 3 and its Fourth of July madness. In this newest clip, you can see that Billy has a summer job. He is the hot new lifeguard at the Hawkins local pool. I don’t know if we can forgive him for beating up Steve, but the ladies sure do seem to like him! Check out the clip below.

Summer Fun

As much as I think we all enjoy the creepy Fall atmosphere of the past Stranger Things seasons, this new summertime setting looks to be great. This clip is also a great display that while yes we will be dealing with serious monsters, government cover-ups and all sorts of serious stuff. The Duffer Brothers also know how to have fun with the show as well.

I don’t think Billy was anybody’s favorite character from last season (you can check out my official ranking of Stranger Things characters here). I call Billy a “douchebag” in that article. But as we all know, Steve Harrington himself was much a douchebag in Season One and has grown into the best character in Stranger Things! notes from Shawn Levy (executive producer) interview with Glamour talking about the summer setting. “It’s also a season of change, and changing the season, changing the vibe of that town, which summer does, right? That place feels different in summer, so that was a big part of our theme, which is change has come.”

Stranger Things to Come

I am a big Stranger Things fan so I am very excited to see what this third season has to offer? It will be interesting to see how the show deals with its actors getting older and what changes that brings about for the characters. That was addressed a little bit in season 2 and I am wondering what they will do in season 3?

What do you think of life guard Billy? Hot or not? Let us know in the comments?

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