New to Gambling? All the Lingo You Need to Know


Have you just decided to try your hand at gambling online? Feeling confused about the lingo that’s used? Don’t worry! Below, we’ve compiled a handy guide to introduce you to all the language you need to know. From bonus spins to bonuses, let’s dive in.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide to gambling lingo online, you can find lots of essential information at https://bettinggods.com/. But here are some of the key points you need to know.

No-Deposit Spins

Sounds promising, right? Many online casinos offer new members the opportunity to spin for free. Don’t worry about catches, either—all the website will require you to do is register; it’s as simple as that. So long as you haven’t been a member before, you’ll be able to spin without depositing money. Hurrah!

Deposit Bonuses

Depending on how much you deposit into your account, you may be eligible for bonuses. For example, if you put $100 into your online casino account, the casino may choose to double your funds to give more to play with. And free spins will give you more of a chance of winning and create a more enjoyable experience all-round.

Free Spins

Free, did you say? Yes, that’s correct. Free spins are usually awarded to players in specific situations. Generally, this is if a player has completed a challenge or there are promotions that the player may be eligible for. Winnings from free spins are converted into instant bonuses or cash once all free spins have been taken.


A bonus is exactly what the name nods to—a bonus spin, or even free money, in some cases. An online casino will usually allocate you bonuses as part of an offer or even a seasonal promotion, such as Christmas.

New to Gambling? All the Lingo You Need to Know

Where to Find Online Casino Promotions

When you sign up with a casino online, you’ll probably want to know about the available promotions from the get-go. One way to do this is to visit the member’s section of the online casino website you want to use.

Another great way to clearly check out the different promotions available is to visit gambling directories such as website bonus.net.nz. Websites like this are also fantastic for getting an overview of which casino has been titled “best of the month”, as well as a neat summary of the games and types of games available at each one.

How to Benefit From More Bonuses and Free Spins

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to spend your cash to bag a freebie. However, in the world of online casinos, the more you spend, the more likely you will get rewards. Of course, we always recommend gambling responsibly and not spending more than you set out to. Check out the tips here: www.theinspirespy.com.

No-deposit bonus spins are the most risk-free bonuses available. When signing up with a casino online, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of your welcome bonus! The longer you stay with a casino, the more promotions you’ll benefit from.

What Next?

If you’re new to the world of online casino games, getting to grips with the lingo they use is the first step. Once you have chosen a casino to sign up with, think ahead of the amount you’d like to deposit initially. Most casinos will guide you on this and offer bonuses depending on the amount you want to bet with. Happy gaming!

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