New Transformers: The Last Knight TV Spot

The Transformers are back in disguise. They’re not concealed as what you’d expect, though. If you wanted Autobots and Decepticons turning into the latest Rolls Royce and Audis, just walk away. This is not the clip you’re looking for. 

The newest TV spot for Transformers: The Last Knight premiered at Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards. It’s an appropriate venue as the newest heroes introduced are children. They’re first seen pursued by a giant death machine. Something that can only be described as the ED-209  from Robocop. It makes complete sense that Michael Bay would pay homage to the science fiction classic film. After all, both are set in a dystopian future where man and machine are at odds.

After ten years of Michael Bay’s killer robots and explosions (and gratuitous cleavage shots), it’s refreshing to see the limelight turned back to a younger generation. Paramount released two spots that concentrate on the children, specifically Izabella (portrayed by Isabela Moner), who appears to be the leader of the group. She fights like a girl, runs like a girl, and throws like a girl, and she couldn’t be more proud of that fact. She leads the pre-pubescent charge against the enemy, with Mark Wahlberg by her side.

Transformers  The Last Knight
“Like I said. We’re covered.”

While fleeing the murderous robot that definitely isn’t an ED-209, the kids dive into a cave made of debris. Only it’s not any mere shelter, it’s that rusted heap of robot pictured above, Canopy. The giant mechanical monstrosities Bay has created are a far cry from the original concepts from Hasbro. At first glance, it’s hard to tell that this isn’t in fact Bumblebee. That’s to be expected when giant robots are put into the hands of a creatively stunted director.

 Not Quite a Magnum Opus

Thankfully, this is Bay’s final Transformers endeavor. Those of us that are unimpressed by the flashy CGI and massive explosions are grateful to see him hang up his proverbial boots. The “robots in disguise” are nearly unrecognizable from what Millenials grew up with. What happened to the blue and red Freightliner and formula 1 racecar from the first generation? Now we’re stuck with ice cream trucks, and garbage canopy Transformers. Hopefully, redirecting the focus from an aging Hollywood star to a child actor will revitalize the all but dead franchise. It’s not until June 23rd that we’ll see what new and ridiculous Autobots and Decepticons Bay has in store for us.

Until then, Autobots roll out!

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